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Dogs and cats are NOT grain eaters; they are designed to consume plant foods such as vegetables and animal proteins: meats, poultry and fish.

Most pet food products are undermining your pet's health and quality of life. If you truly love your pet than educate yourself regarding the ingredient components in pet foods. Nearly all dog and cat foods contain high percentages of grains especially corn and wheat rather than any of the healthier food choices.

Ideally, cats are designed to consume rodents not dry packaged pet foods containing predominantly grains and fats. If your cat is a house cat, chances are she is not eating mice. You can greatly improve your cat's health by reading pet food labels to be certain that she is receiving mostly animal protein, some fat and vegetables. Dry cat foods are the primary cause of urinary /urethra problems and kidney failure in cats. They must not consume these high amounts of grains especially dry. Canned cat food free from grains is a healthier choice.


Man's best friend is actually a scavenger animal and genetically is suited for flesh foods and vegetation; grains are the lesser choice. Of course, historically, dogs have indulged in human foods - cooked or raw. Dogs were consumers of "Bones, pieces of carcass, rotten greens and fruit, fish guts, discarded seeds and grains, animal guts and heads, some discarded human food and wastes." Their longevity and quality of health thus has been compromised. Today, due to the unhealthy human diet being fed to your pet, your Dog can endure similar illness and disease as people. Grains are known to be a contributor in bone and joint problems, especially when over consumption is incurred.


Both felines and canines must consume high percentages of animal proteins, some fats, vegetation (especially greens) and water, and little to no grains - carbohydrates. The best food on the market today is Country Pet. This food is a 24ounce frozen package of ONLY lamb, chicken or fish with or without vegetables. The food has been cooked for three minutes at a low temperature so not to destroy the minerals and amino acids. Foods cooked over 118 degrees has little to no minerals and amino acids, nor live enzymes. This food can be found in a health food store or online. If you are unable to locate this high quality pet food then fresh cuts of meat or poultry, preferably raw accept for pork or fish, is another healthy choice. Dogs must only snack on RAW bones, never allow your dog to consume the cooked bones, they may splinter and eventually tear the esophagus or internal organs; a problem that may take months or years to detect long after the damage is done.

Dogs and cats do not need Grains. Grains, especially no many in your pet's diet will cause insulin imbalances (diabetes) due to the high sugars in the grains especially when cooked. Also, there is a greater possibility of inflammation in internal organs and production of inflammatory chemicals such as pancreas or even aches and pains primarily in their bones and joints causing ailments. All these health maladies are the results of over indulgence of grain carbohydrates and lastly, obesity. Fewer grains can increase your pet's health and longevity.


Be sure your restaurant or home meat scraps you're adding are mostly meat! Many people tend to overfeed fat to their "best friend." The fat is an important nutrient but one that needs to be kept in balance and preferably raw. Every fat gram provides double the calories of a gram of protein or carbohydrate, thus too much will cause health problems and overweight.


Most specially designed pet foods: Senior, Lite and Diet are also compromising to your pet's health. These special diets generally have fewer calories per cup because the pet food manufacturers have increased the amount of fiber and carbohydrates while reducing the healthy portions of animal protein and fat contained in the dog/cat adult maintenance foods. Your older or overweight pet actually needs more meats, poultry or fish not grains.

For budget savings, consider mixing the raw meats and vegetables with the healthier canned food choices. For your cat you can puree the vegetables in the blender and add to their food. Remember the healthier choice of food is more nutritionally balanced and enhances the life and health of your pet.

Please read our Article:Pet Food Poisons. The toxins and garbage ingredients in many packaged dry foods are seriously damaging to your pet's health. Think twice before you feed your dog or cat these poisons, remains of euthanasia animals, fat grease sprayed onto dry foods.

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