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We loved Dr Stewart. Will be back if we ever need, she's knowledgeable in all aspects of living a healthy life!She has checked in on us after our visit and genuinely cares about our health and wellness journey.  We went for preventive/proactive care and learned more than we could've hoped to keep our family healthy. 10/10 would recommend!  Brooke P. (Google)

I went to Dr. Stuart because I had been told my kidneys were failing and I was referred to a kidney specialist, whose office is next door to dialysis. I could see what they planned, even though they expected me to wait 3 months to be seen, and I was given no input on things to do that could improve my situation, except to drink water.
I researched with a friend and threw out everything the doctors had given me for years. I found Dr. Stuart online and saw her before the specialist
She gave me hope rather than blame. She helped me fine-tune what I'd already started, rather than tell me how wrong I was.
My specialist visit confirmed my kidney function has greatly improved. (Stage 3-almost 4 back up almost to 1.)
Listen to Dr. Stuart. She will truly listen to you. - -Ruth G. (Facebook - NOW)

Dr S is amazing. I thought I was eating healthy only to learn I was eating completely incorrectly. I have had continuous sinus infection and skin rash for 3 years. In three short days of transitioning onto the new foods, my energy has improved and my symptoms are disappearing.
I highly recommend her. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind and giving. I am grateful for her healing abilities.
BH - on FB page -"Natural Optimum Wellness".

I came to her for help after learning my mom had cancer and with all of the TONS of info she gave us... My mom is now Cancer Free. She on a great health Regimen. I Highly Recommend Natural Optimum Wellness... Thank you A Million Times... Definitely coming to Visit Again...
A Angela -Facebook "Natural Optimum Wellness" page.

Hi Dr. Stuart,
I just wanted to let you know that I have followed almost all of your advice & I feel absolutely amazing! I have been able to go to the bathroom every day, that has not happened, ever, that I can remember. I've also lost a few lbs and my hair loss has even slowed to the point where I'm not completely freaking out. I'm getting better!!! My boyfriend Jack has even been on my diet with me and he is losing weight and feeling better as well. Turns out, we are the same blood type!
Thank you for helping me!! I will keep you updated on my progress. Xo
Has anyone ever heard that you should eat according to your blood type? Well, I went to see a naturopath doc & she advised me to do this. I was experiencing some mild health problems: hair loss, weight gain/couldn't lose weight, stomach issues after every meal, just to name a few. It's been 10 days on this blood type diet and I'm amazed at my results. All of my symptoms have been reversed! Diet is everything, it's true. I was eating healthy the whole time but eating the wrong healthy foods for my body. I feel so much better!! I've even lost a few lbs. For those of you looking to change your health naturally, this might be something to look into!!
D Lynn - on Facebook

Dr. Stuart is a true healer. I have never experienced anything like her intuitive nature and profound wisdom. She will truly help you advance tremendously on your path to healing.
posted on https://update-alpha.healthgrades.com/patientexperience/reviews/Y55JDPZ
- Natalie B.

"Dr Sarai saved me when the MD's only wanted to give me mega drugs unrelated to my problems I was not crazy just not feeling well fibromyalgia, pain in the abdomen, forgetful, falling down, itchy skin and nausea. A few visits with Dr Sarai and following her compassionate guidance I am much better. ALL GONE with her helping me know the cause and treat that to heal me." Posted online, don't recall web page.
- Lilla N.

"I enjoyed my consultation with Dr. Stuart. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition."
Robin T.

"A classmate was talking about her colonics experience, which was new to me. It sounded like I needed one, so I looked up colon hydrotherapy and found Dr. Stuart. This visit turned out to be more than just a colonic and had a positive impact on my life down the road in so many ways! This was back in maybe 2001? when the term "organic" was unheard of.

Dr. Stuart was a pioneer in Texas, certainly ahead of the times in this state. I went in for a colonic, but I walked out with valuable knowledge regarding health and diet beyond what any conventional class or weight loss center had to offer. Along with a light and cool feeling body, of course, that's what a colonic does to you. Everything she taught me about food, diet, and health, made perfect sense. Before her, I did not care about my diet or my weight. I was skinny and 19. However, my diet affected my complexion.

Eventually, I moved away to college and didn't see her anymore. Every now and then I would look her up to see how she's doing. I moved back to town and so glad to see that she has returned to Texas! Anyway, over the years, my complexion cleared up. 14 yrs later, and I'm still about the same weight I was when I was in high school. If it wasn't for the knowledge she gave me, I think I would be overweight, pimply, tired, with health issues, and on medication.

Even though this was just health and diet, diet is a lifestyle. And it has influenced other areas of my life in a way I am so grateful for. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it's like eating clean un-clouds the lens to your perception of your world, which you didn't realize was cloudy before. Cleanse your body, cleanse your mind, and if you let it, it can assist in cleansing the spirit. I'm not sure how else to put in words how grateful I am to have met her. It planted a seed for my own personal and spiritual journey." Thanks, Dr. Stuart!
Wiz N.

"A friend told me to go to Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart she could help me get better. My friend said that she went to see Dr Stuart for colonics and nutrition guidance helped her get well and rid her of fibroids and other problems.
I was overweight and tired all the time and losing hair and feeling lousy so I called Dr Stuart. She actually spoke to me on the phone before I scheduled colonic appointments and she was very helpful, kind and even offered a few helpful answers before I set my appointment. This was about three weeks ago since I went to see Dr Stuart and I also had a nutrition appointment to help me eat better. Now I feel much much better. I sleep better lost 13 pounds and sinus doesn't bother me and even some of the pains I had are gone.
Dr Stuart told me I could reverse most of the problems that I'm experiencing. I just did the LA lab test to determine imbalances and get rid of other problems like hair loss. I'm excited because I trust her and know she is smart and can help me. I told her that and she smiled and said that I should thank myself because I'm doing the work and she is guiding me to take the healthy steps and she is proud of me because I'm doing a great job and respect myself to get better. I want everyone I know to see that I look and feel better. I cant wait to see a healthier me. I have learned to eat better this is good since my family ate too many bad foods and sodas. Thank you Dr Stuart you are a blessing." Jody

"She was very kind. I enjoyed my experience and am looking forward to another appointment. She recommended things she thought would help me specifically and taught me new things that could help improve my overall life." Rebecca P.

12 years ago, a classmate shared her colonic experience. I had never heard of it before. She said that you're supposed to have a BM at least daily. I thought to myself, "oh, I don't. Hmm, maybe I should try colonic irrigation."
I went through the phone book and decided to make an appointment with Dr. Suzanne Joy Stuart. This was the first time since 5 yrs old that I went to visit a doctor. Who knew what a big difference this visit was going to have on my life.
The information that Dr. Stuart shared with me was new to me, and beyond what mainstream society was aware of at the time, but it made perfect sense. I was glad I had met such a caring and informative doctor. I did not realize how unhealthy I was until one morning I woke up feeling a major difference in my being.
In high school, I was always thin and didn't believe it was possible for me to get fat. My pant size was 5-7. Food was food. It didn't matter what I ate as long as it was good and made me full. Though, I did have frequent embarrassing blemishes. My diet consisted of processed packaged foods, frozen dinners, hamburger helper, ramen noodles, cookies, etc. If cookies were all we had, that was all I ate all day. I was able to follow some of Dr. Stuart's recommendations. But even a small change at the time made a difference in how I felt physically. I specifically remember waking up one morning feeling light and energized and thought "hey, I used to wake up like this as a kid!" Whereas before, I thought it was normal to wake up feeling groggy, heavy-headed, can barely get out of bed. I knew then what my dream ideal diet would one day be, even if I couldn't completely do it at the time. Today, I'm still gradually getting there, but it is worth the change. And the food is still magnificently delicious and refreshing. The only challenge is that it takes time and effort. Anyway, I think this says enough.
Let me also add that I still weigh the same as I did 10 years ago. No, gaining weight does not have to be a part of aging. And no, I never had to count calories. I believe counting calories distracts us from the truth about food. Just an opinion though." Niky

"Dr. Stuart is a blessing. I was dealing with MRSA. I was frustrated and depress, but thank God for prayer and His healing power, I was led to Dr. Stuart. She has several years of experience and very knowledgable. She taught me how to eat right. I lost 30 lbs and have kept it off. My intention was to get well not to slim down. The weight loss was an added bonus. I am healthier and feel better." Tiffany T.

"Suzanne Joy was always on time, very skilled and knowledgeable about nutrition, and has been very helpful in guiding me into making the right dietary choices. I can't thank her enough for this insight as well." Nana A

"Since August 10, 1991, I've been calling upon Dr Stuart mostly for massage therapy. Over the course of time, expediency, and when she was practicing in Colorado, I've used other masseuses and masseurs, but no one I've run across can beat her technique, her attention to detail, her knowledge of the art. I would and will recommend anyone, anywhere to contact her.
I've also asked her advice on other subjects, such as foods that are good, and not so good for my blood type, and that information, too, has made a difference in my life, especially since I've achieved senior citizen status." Kent F.

"I've been Dr. Stuart's patient for many years and she has helped me with everything from Dupuytren's Disease to TIAs. I was diagnosed with Dupuytren's Contracture in 2008 and was told by my primary care doctor that there was no known cure and that I could expect to eventually lose the ability to completely straighten out the affected finger. He said once it got to the point of not being able to use my hand, surgery would be needed. I went to see Dr. Stuart because I thought perhaps a naturopathic doctor may know something that an allopathic doctor hadn't been given the opportunity to learn. I was right. Dr. Stuart gave me a list of things I could take and do to prevent further nodules from forming. Today, four years later, my hands work as well as they ever did and the nodules that formed before I began her course of treatment are softer and much less pronounced. I am no longer worried about losing the use of my hands! Over the years she has helped me with many other issues and I highly recommend making an appointment with her if you have any health concerns." Bonnie

"She is a wonderful Naturopath doctor and truly helped me overcome health problems: acid reflex, low thyroid, low energy, weight, belly bloat, stress and more. I also decided to restart colonics and found Dr. Suzanne to be the most professional colon therapist I have ever gone to and I have been to many. her professionalism in every way is outstanding and her knowledge in amazing. I have already recommended her to my family and friends.. I am lucky and thank GOD to have found her. " DD

"I highly recommend Dr. Stuart to anyone interested in their health and well being. She shares a vast knowledge with us that makes sense for daily info. Her newsletters and updates are always very informative and useful. She has worked on me for fifteen years or so and always does good work. The last massage I had was just a week ago and I still feel relaxed" Gary C.

"Favorite Life Coach - I feel Great and Successful -
AMAZING. Dr. Suzanne Joy is exceptionally unique in her techniques. She is easy to understand and my transformation was happening 20 times faster than with the previous coach. I had hired a different life coach to help me feel better about my artistic theatrical and dance talents but always felt frustrated that barely change occurred. Dr. Suzanne's approach as she explains delves into the deeper side of the client, which helps create positive changes to reach my goals. I have recommended her to friends, coworkers and family members. Those who see Dr Suzanne agree - they feel terrific and successful in their results. She even works with people anywhere so I was fortunate to refer my family to her long-distance" Kitty

"Caring, Concerned and Reliable -
Dr. Stuart is a caring professional who aims to help those in sincere need of her help. She is very courteous and attentive to the needs of her patients. Also very thorough, and willing to give 110% to help people who seek her services to achieve success. I would highly recommend Dr. Stuart to anyone looking to live a life based on good health and wellness. In search of a good naturopathic doctor, then look no further." Angie

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