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We shall respond to questions that haven't already been answered and listed on this page.


We are here to assist you towards Optimum Wellness for a healthier richer life. Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Colon Hydrotherapy, Kinesology, Homeopathy,Therapeutic Massage and Myofascial Release, are all positive natural healing free from pharmaceuticals, chemicals and surgeries.

Hello Dr Suzanne Joy
I have taken the recommended, NatraGest for several months, my concern is that I do not have sufficient progesterone. I was sleeping better when I was taken the prescribed progesterone.
Do you have any recommendations to increase progesterone?
K. White

A: The progesterone cream you are applying will increase the necessary dosage.
The ideal solution is to test your hormones with the saliva test that we provide. We offer a variety of packages on specific patient needs to resolve imbalances with hormones, skin, adrenals thyroid etc. These test sources are for your hormone imbalances to reverse imbalances naturally.

Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart:
I am writing you because I am been looking for
Chlorella granulates in differents stores here in Miami and they don't have them. The idea to get this product is to make a shake suggested by Dr Jensen and it's made by wheat powder, soy milk powder, clhorella granulates and honey.If I don't find it can I replace for dulse granulates. The intention of this shake is to replace a meal. I am not on diet but I just want to get some protein and change my breakfast menu. I also wanted to know if eating hard boiled egg is toxic or not for our bodies.
Thank you for helping on my concern.

For Dr. Jensen's shake, you could also use chlorella powder. Also super blue green algae has protein; we also recommend Garden of Life - Perfect Food original - super green formula. You could add the green powders to fresh pressed vegetable juice - that is packed with nutrients for your body. Raw organic free range unfertilized eggs are also a fabulous source of protein. be sure to use both yolk and white for complete balance. A soft boiled egg has more nutritional value than a hard boiled egg, as does a raw over a cooked.
All real foods contain protein except for fruit juices, fruits contain very little protein.
Hope this assists you.
-- Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart

Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart:
Thank you for having the time to answer my concerns. I've already checked for prices and it's so expensive. I wonder if I can drink just the whey powder mix with soy milk powder to replace my milk every morning.
Thank you again,

Use the green products and sources we have recommended. Also almonds are a great source of protein. Soak almonds in a small amount of distilled water over night. (one almond for every ten pounds of desired body weight) Use
water and almonds in drink. Almonds contain the twelve primary essential minerals.
--- "Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart

Thank you for taking the time to help people like me that are very eager to learn all about nutrition. This morning I woke up thinking of going to to the internet and searching everything about Chlorella and today when I checked my emails you already had answered my questions without asking you.I very grateful for having you as my teacher.Talking about chlorella I finally got it from Wild Oats supermarket and this morning got the shake. Can I empty two capsules of chlorella in one of my favorite vegetables juice? Well, I don't want to get bored of having the same meal every breakfast. Talk to you soon. Thanks,

Christina, Certainly. You might want to alternate with Chlorophyll.
-- Dr Suzanne Joy

Dr. Suzanne Joy Stuart: I wanted to know if it's true what I've heard yesterday regarding to the flaxseeds that can cause appendicitis because of the seeds, is it that true? Also, Can I combine protein with fruits and eat them at the same time, because I like sweet taste in meals.
Thank you
-- Cristina.

I certainly suggest you think about obtaining the program - NUTRITION FOR YOUR BODY MIND & SPIRIT.

This Ten hour AUDIO plus BOOK (detailed info, charts, food lists, formulas and much more) WILL answer the many questions you have been asking and much much more.

Visit www.naturallybalancedhealth.com and read all about the book. Purchase either the second edition 8 CD's and 115 page book or the first edition CD'' or Cassette version with 73 page book.

This is a program/book UNLIKE any other available. That is why Dr. Stuart created it; she knew that people like yourself are seekers after the truth and a healthier lifestyle needing simpler approaches and direct answers.

Avoid consuming Fruits with any other food, especially proteins and grains.

Flax seeds can prevent appendicitis. When the diet is poor and unhealthy or lack of bowel elimination occurs the body needs healthier food choices. Flax seeds are cleansers.

"FLAX (Linum usitatissimum) not only provides a good source of fiber, but is also high in the healing and anti-inflammatory omega-3 essential fatty acid. When finely ground, flax helps gently clean out any pouches that trap bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.
Dosage: Take 2 to 3 tablespoons, ground, daily, in water or pineapple juice."

Read about Colon Health on our web site

Blessings and optimum health to you.
Kathryn K.Mgr


My 11 year old lab mix has a tumor growing on his hindside. Because of his age & other factors, I have decided not to put him through surgery. I have been doing some research on the herb Graviola and was wondering if it would be oOKfor a pet to take it - what mg, what dosage, etc. He weighs 70-80lbs. Thank you!
-- Shelia L.

Good Morning Sheila,
Graviola is potentially beneficial for your dog. Also vitamin C assists with shrinking tumors. We always suggest a diet rich in vegetables, especially the green leafy ones. Juicing is great, most dogs love fresh pressed vegetable juices. Be sure your dog eats plenty of vegetables and non-hormone/steroid meats and dog food. We suggest "Country Pet Chicken or perhaps purchasing free range chicken or turkey from Whole Food Market.
When you purchase the Graviola will shall then suggest a possible dosage amount for your "friend".
-- Dr Suzanne Joy

Thanks for replying so quickly. What types of green leafy vegetables? I've always heard that lettuce/cabbage was not good for animals. Also, when I make the purchase of the graviola - what's better - liquid or capsule? Or does it matter? Thanks again for your reply!

We suggest that you refer to Dr. Walker's book -Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices (see our catalogue page on NEW BOOKS.) There are many great recipes, most of which have carrots blended with the juice; if you do not own a juice press we can ell you one for less than retail - (see catalogue page - Juicers.) Most dogs love carrots plus there is plenty of beta carotene. The product from Raintree is the highest grade and the capsules would be perfect to simply place down the throat, plus there isn't alcohol in capsules.

In regards to the Vitamin "C", you may confer with a holistic vet; or what I would do is lessen the amount that is suggested for a human adult. The amount generally advised is 3000-10,000 mg. per day that is divided throughout the day. For some, too much vitamin "C" may cause diarrhea, so watch for that and lessen the dose. If diarrhea occurs you could add potassium rich foods (list in Dr. Stuart's book - Nutrition for your Body Mind & Spirit) or perhaps confer with vet for appropriate dosage.
Hope all this helps.
-- Dr Suzanne Joy

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful suggestions. You've been a BIG help!

We appreciate your kind words. Our site naturallybalancedhealth.com has been a FREE educational and inquiry site since April 1997; only recently (Dec 2004) we have placed products on our site for sale...upon the request of e-mail letters.
Sincere best wishes for good health with you Lab. What is the 'friend's name?
-- Dr Suzanne Joy

Your site has been a tremendous help as I have been feeling guilty for deciding not to have surgery on "Tanner". Tanner had a tumor removed 3 years ago from his foreleg area which was cancerous. He was 8 then and handled it as well as could be expected considering he did not handle vets well. You see, I got Tanner at 4mo of age from our City Kennel- he was malnourished, it appeared he was abused & left out on the streets to fend for himself. Once we (my husband & I) got him healthy again, he became very territorial & did not want to be handled by anyone other than my husband and myself. Most people would have put him down because he was so aggressive, however, because it is only the two of us & we have another lab as well, we decided to work with him ourselves and other than the aggression to strangers which we keep under tabs at all times, he is a GREAT dog! It's just that when I do have to take him to the vet for regular checkups & so forth, the muzzleing and sometimes sedation, puts both of us through undue stress & sometimes results in him having mild seizures, thus my decision not to go thru it again. Other than the cosmetic effect of the tumor-Tanner is doing quite well. He has no pain, he exercises regularly without pain & is in generally good shape for an 11 year old and all he has been thru in his life. Your information has given me hope & again I thank you for your time & all your well wishes. I will be ordering the Graviola shortly & will be trying the vitamin C as well checking into all the options you have given me! Thanks again!
--Sheila L.

Dear Sheila,
Please seriously consider what I am about to share with you.
We sincerely recommend a qualified animal communicator, especially prior to surgery and because of Tanner's disposition. This person will genuinely assist with his need. There are many dedicated AC's out there. Below are a few names; you may also ask around ( I actually had a vet recommend my taking a cat to an AC) or do a search on line. These people are exceptional and probably can assist you. Certainly, there could be an animal Communicator located near where you reside.

Penelope Smith
Carol Gurney
Amelia Kinkade
Marta Williams
Beatrice Lydecker
Sony Fitzpatrick

Animal communicators will receive information from your pet to assist with their needs. I would begin with Penelope and even ask for a recommendation of someone she believes is qualified, since most of the time she is busy.
--Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart

Tanner is doing very well, thank you. I decided to postpone the surgery for now & have added vitamin C - 500mg a day along with added vegetables to his diet. I will be ordering the graviola sometime this week. I just wanted to make small changes at a time. I am also considering the AC as you suggested. Thanks for checking on us!
-- Sheila

We are pleased to hear that Tanner is doing well. You are a caring "Mom" and certainly will choose the most efficacious healing remedies and approaches for Tanner.

The avoidance from grains and starches is essential for Tanner's health. Let him snack on carrots and other crisp fresh vegetables and raw (free range, steroid free) meat and chicken bones. Most dogs actually prefer them to the processed treats.

Have you offered him fresh pressed vegetable juices? If you need some suggestions let me know. Juicing is equally beneficial for Tanner as it would be for you.

In addition to Graviola, you may also want to research and consider the herb, "una de gato" direct from the rain forest (we can supply you with the most beneficial source.) This vine is from the Amazon Rain Forest and proves most promising as known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and anti-oxidant properties. It's also a powerful digestive cleanser - and it improves the immune system by enhancing the ability of white blood cells to neutralize pathogens.
Blessings to you both,
-- Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart


I'm interested in more solar eating information.

Hello Dave,
There are two sources for Solar Nutrition that are available on our web
site. Visit the Catalogue Page in the book section:
Nutrition For Your Body Mind & Spirit
Yes, No, Maybe - Chronobiotic Nutrition
Read about both books. They compliment one another and address the
information you are seriously seeking. We also have some pages on our web
site about Solar Nutrition.
We hope this helps you.


My chocolate lab is Cinnamon is overweight. I have changed from Nutra Nugget Lamb and Rice to VF Brand that is suppose to be lower fat. Hoping it will help. She is eating 1-1/2 cups morning and night. It seems like she is still hungry. She has gained 17lbs since last year visit in March when she gets her shots and exam.
Is there anything else to do beside exercise. She is also spayed.
--Diane C.

Sounds as though your conscientious effort needs some slight improvement.
Of course the ultimate diet for a dog are vegetables and RAW meats (FREE RANGE - hasn't any hormones which age and contribute to health maladies along with weight gain).
Our best suggestion is to gradually introduce the raw buffalo, lamb, chicken or turkey to his diet. NO Pork. If Fish is offered be certain that it is cooked. You can purchase fresh or buy Country Pet brand, which is sold at Whole Foods Market; the company will sometimes ship to individuals. When using veggies I suggest Raw carrots as a treat in place of dog biscuits and perhaps frozen then thawed out veggies (broccoli, French cut beans, spinach, turnip greens, mixed vegetables, - variety is important) to be mixed with the food. Remember that corn and potatoes are NOT vegetables, they are grains. For some dogs, corn contributes to weight gain. You may also vary the grains in the diet by using uncooked rolled oats or rolled barley or cooked rice.
Many packaged foods are too rich for some dogs. Age is a major concern. Read the labels and avoid any food with BHT (carcinogenic). Also, do not serve any table scraps...the dog isn't a garbage disposal. If the leftovers are quality foods then save it as a special addition for his next meal. Be certain that those foods are healthy and free from sugars or loaded fats.
Serve plenty of fresh water, especially distilled.
Take your time and offer your pet the healthiest approach towards optimum health.


Dear Sir,
I read your write-up on Colon Health with great interest and am very keen to understand more about detoxification. I read your WebPages with great detail and noticed you mentioned that healthily stools should be odorless and floats in the toilet. From my understanding, water is lighter than stools, what makes the stools float? Many other web sites explain that some possible reasons for floating stools are air, malabsorption, etc. Appreciate if you could enlighten me. Thanking you in advance.
-- Serene N.

Serene -
..."What makes the stools float?"
When you consume the primary food, RAW VEGETABLES, source for your body along with some raw fruits and one half-gallon water consumption for your organs then your stools will float. It is imperative that you consume a DAILY-50% - 80%RAW Vegetable.
Grains, animal proteins: meats, poultry, and fish as well as dairy all bind the large intestine and create HEAVY stools. You shall notice a lightness and healthier glow from within when you eliminate the foods that are creating weighted dark colored stools
-Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart


I am 16 weeks pregnant. Over the weekend I had some really terrible muscle aches in my legs, so I used an all-natural cream that my sister in law gave me with rosemary and oil of wintergreen. It worked really well, better than over the counter medicines (BenGay, IcyHot, etc...). I only used it once, and then I heard that it is not advisable to use rosemary during pregnancy for medicinal purposes, although it is safe to use as a seasoning in food. I asked my doctor, but he is an older doctor and is not too up to date on a lot of herbal information. Why is this herb contraindicated in pregnancy, and should I am concerned that I used it once during my pregnancy? Thank you for any help you can give me - I have searched everywhere on the internet that I know to search, and have only found that I should not use it - not WHY I should not use it!
--Kelly R.

The reason that rosemary essential oil is contra-indicated for use during pregnancy is because of its ketone content. On average there can be around 25% ketones in rosemary. Ketones are a functional group that takes longer to be eliminated from the body and they can build up and have toxic effects. Ketones can attack parts of the nervous system. Having said this when the oils are used correctly diluted and not overused this does not present a problem, however we do know that when a woman is pregnant nutrients and other things pass across the placenta to the unborn child. It is felt that given to potential harm that ketones might do to an developing baby it is best to avoid oils that are high in ketones during pregnancy.

Now we do know that essential oils are used extensively in the food, drug and cosmetic industries but we need also keep in mind that when they are generally added to these products the dilutions are very, very small. When one uses essential oils directly to make up products, or add to massage oils or the bath or for inhalation, we are using much higher doses of the oils and therefore the risks are increased. A one time exposure to rosemary essential oil while pregnant is unlikely to cause any harm, however in the interests of a healthy baby I would recommend that one avoid the use of this oils during pregnancy. Also please keep in mind that any essential oils used during pregnancy should be diluted down much more than when used for non-pregnant people.

When essential oils are inhaled molecules of the essential oil are able to enter into the bloodstream when the oils are applied topically it is impossible not to smell them and therefor some essential oil will enter the bloodstream through inhalation. Most of the essential oil passes across the skin barrier to be absorbed through the small capillaries just under the skin, in fact some of the components of essential oils are able to cross the skin barrier and so find their way into the blood stream.
The information researched is still inconclusive regarding precautions with Rosemary oil. Some findings state that the rosemary oil should be in dilution of one percent ... only to be used during the first trimester while others state that it should be used only during the second and third trimesters. Certainly this would confuse any woman.
Rosemary is said to be a uterine stimulant later during pregnancy. Perhaps, you can simply apply the Wintergreen oil, which is used by many massage therapists to relieve the muscle aches in their clients. The safest massage oil for muscle aches would be almond oil or peanut oil - COLD-PRESSED.
Personally, one time use should not prove detrimental.

-Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart, PhD ND,
Thank you so much for your detailed answers! After I emailed, I noticed that Wintergreen Oil is also not really recommended in pregnancy. I read that mast Wintergreen Oil is made synthetically now a days and it is called Methyl Salycilate, and that it has properties similar to aspirin (such as anti-coagulant). Also, it is absorbed into the skin VERY QUICKLY. Is this true? Perhaps I should just stick with my trusty heating pad and stretching exercises? Any other recommendations that are considered safe? Thanks again!
--Kelly R.

Yes, most of the mint type / astringent oils effect the body somewhat similarly. Peanut oil and castor oil are beneficial for sore muscles and aches. I would recommend that you opt for a quality massage...more than once. Also, as you near your delivery date massages greatly help with an easier delivery.

Stretching and YOGA (are highly beneficial during pregnancy). Seek a female instructor, who has a pregnancy YOGA program, in your area.
NOTE: sugar and grains can enhance pain, so watch your intake.


Thanks for the great web site on Solar Nutrition. A great approach to eating, indeed! One question: What about soymilk (and other nondairy) during the
Midday meal? Thanks again!

Greetings Tanya,
Thanks for the web site compliment.
Solar is one of the most ancient approaches towards healthy eating.
Dr. Stuart shares tremendous insight into the basic understanding of Solar
Nutrition in her audio/literary study book "Nutrition For Your Body Mind &
Spirit." A terrific source of healthy suggestions for weight reduction,
maintenance and overall health improvement.
Soybean is an afternoon food, and of course the healthiest soymilk would be
either the one you create yourself or a soymilk that has few added
Ingredients. Be certain that the soymilk you select is free from any oils
and sugars. Also, note that the packaged soy milks and soy powders are on
the low scale when it comes to soy foods. The best are soybeans -
Edame second would be Miso followed by tempeh and tofu.
Hope this info assists you.
-Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart

Thanks so much for your reply. One more question if you don't mind:
I've read that juices are good to have between 9 and 11 am for cleansing.
Can these be any kind of juices, such as carrot, beet, celery, ginger,
garlic etc. mixes (i.e. made from vegetables that are recommended for midday
and evening), or do they have to be strictly from fruits that are
recommended for the morning meal?
Thanks again!
-- Tanya

Hello Tanya -
OK, according to Dr. Stuart and her research, when you are existing on a
JUICE fast, you have two choices.
1. You can endure and improve your health with pure vegetable juicing. Dr.
Stuart believes that when your life is ONLY vegetable juicing than any of
the combinations will be acceptable. Have you read Dr. Walker's book or
viewed some of the juices that are listed on our web site?
2. You can maintain a healthy regime on Fruit and Vegetable juices, simply
remember that according to the Doc, Fruits do NOT contain any protein. If
you elect to consume Fruits juices in the morning that is OK, always dilute
the juice with distilled water because fruits contain high levels of sugars
without the fiber (as they are when eaten). The remainder of the day could
be consistent vegetable juice combos.
9-11 am is the spleen and pancreas hour so be certain too always dilute the
fruit juices so not to negatively effect your insulin level. Cleansing
hours are the large intestine, bladder and kidney. Distilled water and
lemon juice is the number one cleansing agent.
Based upon your dietary interest, I must add that you would thoroughly enjoy
Dr. Stuart's book, of this I promise.
NOTE - all this information is listed on our web site. Please continue to
enjoy the educational material that dr. Stuart has included for all sentient
beings with the wisdom for transpersonal awareness.
-Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart

Thanks for your information. Unfortunately I didn't understand your response so I'll try again but first I'll address the things you wrote so that perhaps my question is clearer.
1) I'm not interested (right now, anyway) in juice fasting.
2) I'm not interested in maintaining a healthy regime on only fruit and vegetables; and
3) I'm not interested in consuming fruit juices in the morning.
Rather, I'm only interested in knowing if consuming VEGETABLE juices (made
From vegetables that are recommended for the midday and evening such as
Beets, carrots, celery, ginger, garlic, etc.) can be taken in the morning for cleansing (between 9 and 11).
Thanks again and most definitely will look for the book. The diet not only
feels great but has allowed me so much more freedom in my selections (believe it or not) than the past!

I shall separate the info so that the response appears clearer.
Rather, I'm only interested in knowing if consuming VEGETABLE juices
from vegetables that are recommended for the midday and evening such as
beets, carrots, celery, ginger, garlic, etc.) can be taken in the morning
for cleansing (between 9 and 11)."<<
If you follow Solar Nutrition than the answer is NO
True CLEANSING comes from abstaining from the stress of digesting food,
otherwise you are simply using the juice combo in place of a meal, which is
healthy. The juices go directly into the blood stream to enhance your health.
For cleansing you might select one day per week to abstain from all food and
enjoy the juice to rest your entire digestive tract and heart.
Juicing is great for the body, it simply provides for less
food consumption during that day.
-Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart


I have been taking valium. How long should I wait to start substituting herbals (valerian root, passiflora, magnesium carbonate)? Thanks.
-- Susan P.

There are many factors are to be considered.
How long and how much Valium have you been administering?
What is the prime reason for the Valium?
What are your lifestyle and dietary habits?
In-depth accurate optimum answer is best provided to someone that is our
The decision to alter yourself off a pharmaceutical prescription drug onto
An herbal and supplemental program is best provided by your personal
Naturopath, Physician or Holistic Health counselor. Of course, it is
definitely your choice and decision to alter your unhealthy and healthy
healing programs. The transition is possible, yet you must be certain that
you are providing yourself both with the herbal remedies (and proper
dosages) and additional supplements (vitamins, minerals and aminos) to
generate an efficacious outcome.
Please not, that although valerian root doesn't contain chemical compounds,
it too can be habit forming and designed for long term use.
--Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart


Hello.... My dogs really like green beans and carrots.... I understand that carrots have a lot of calcium so you need to be careful not to overdo the carrots...what about green beans.
The gobble them up. Thanks
Niki B.

Niki -
Your best source of calcium are found in vegetables and nuts they are more easily assimilated than dairy which isn't all that great for pets. Goat cheese could be a rare treat; however, a dog is better with vegetation. I suggest you also provide your dogs with spinach, broccoli and other chlorophyll rich veggies. Use the carrots as a snack treat in place of the dog bones rather than a constant portion of the meal.
--Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart


I can't go to the bathroom and if I don't use laxatives I will explode. There is no cure and I am going to kill myself someday because there is no cure.
--Vicki N.

Allow us to share with you the dangers of laxatives. A consistent use of laxatives will contribute to or cause a prolapsed colon that could result in surgery and or other maladies.
If you are experiencing bathroom elimination problems, than you must adjust your dietary habits. You must one-half gallon of water daily, sip and chew your water not gulp it. Gulping your water rushes through your body and with it go the nutrients. Your internal organs function properly when you slow down your eating and drinking plus include a highly rich diet of RAW produce. Too many grains, dairy and meats are the primary contributing causes of constipation. These foods are healthy, the problem exists in the fact that a person consumes too many of them and an insufficient amount of produce especially green leafy vegetables.
We highly recommend either colon irrigation and or enemas; laxatives will destroy your health. Healthy dietary habits are the CURE.
Read all our educational material included on our web site.
We provide a top of the line supplement that assist with irregular bowel elimination and parasites (something everyone experiences especially when unhealthy elimination exists.
Blessings and optimum health to you.

I do have very healthy dietary habits. I will start eating more vegetables and fruit and water. What seems to happen is that then all that stuff gets stuck inside me. It makes me more constipated. I realize that maybe I have a prolapsed colon. What do I do then?
Blessings back to you
--Vicki -

As a patient of Dr. Stuart's, she would carefully review your health history to determine what approach would serve you best. She might offer one or both of these suggestions.
1. Colon irrigation or enemas beginning with one per day or every other day then spreading the time sessions as your body improves and heals itself. If you select to search for a colon therapist then we recommend you read the info placed on our web site: Searching for a Colon Hydro-therapist. We want you to have the best treatment
2. Dr. Stuart would probably recommend an in-depth parasite cleanse. Many people suffer abdominal problems due to bacteria overload, parasites and incredible fecal waste matter buildup that has developed over one's lifetime. If you choose this method we shall be pleased to set up a protocol for the herbal treatment which you can purchase directly from us.
Best of health to you.
--Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart

I would be willing to ponder this, but I live in NJ. I want to hear the words. "your stretched and screwed up colon" has the chance to heal. I think it is too late. In other words I think I have prolapsed colon.
I appreciate the time you take to talk with me over this very difficult matter.
Today I went to GNC and got acidophilus pills, pysllium capsules and this herbal regulator (not a laxative; doesn't have the word laxative on it!) Oh I also gave myself two store bought fleet enemas and with no results except about a tablespoon of miscellaneous fecal matter. This leads me to believe that the colon has to go for a week (7 days) or so until it becomes slightly uncomfortable for me. I have gone over a month (and this was years ago) with a bowel movement. I then get lethargic and very bloated.

Vicki -
Fleet enemas are NOT the choice. Purchase an enema douche bag at the pharmacy. The fleet bag will not provide you with the result you need to achieve. You may add a few tablespoons of aloe vera juice or pure organic apple cider vinegar to the water. The water in the bag should be between 100-103 degrees.
Consume an abundant amount of vegetables and some fruits, more so than the other food groups. If you are and continue to endure the physical stress than you might have a variety of parasites. Your are probably in need of colon hydrotherapy. Unhealthy bowel have not occurred overnight; this is the result of many years - lifetime of unhealthy dietary habits and food combinations. With a quality therapist you shall receive the results you desire.
Be careful with Psyllium; for some people it can add more constipation. Be certain to double the amount of water that is recommended.
An unhealthy colon can be restored to healthy and normal. Time and effort is advised.

Wow parasites? I bet a lot of people do not know about that. Now that you say that about psyillium I think I better stop it because it sounds too risky. Where do you find hyrdrotherapists?
Blessings and peace

Vicki -
We provide the best herbal parasite program. So, if you decide to utilize the product let us know.
Colon Hydrotherapists:
Look on-line for one in your area
Yellow Pages - Colon Therapy
Inquire at health food store
Ask a Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor or an osteopathic doctor
Revisit our web site and read the section on Colon Health - searching for a quality therapist. This material will help you ask the best questions and find someone who truly is qualified.
May search enhance your health.


I found your web site to be very informational. I had a couple of questions though. I recently had a colonoscopy and was told that I have a lazy colon. What exactly is a lazy colon and what causes it? For about a month, I have been taking a prescription strength laxative- Miralax. My doctor told me that I would be on laxatives indefinitely. Is this normal? I read the bottle and it says that Miralax is not intended for prolonged use. In additions to this, the daily dose is 17 grams once a day. I was directed to take 17 grams twice a day. I thought that laxative made the situations worse. Can you offer me some advice?
-- Rosalynn B.

Greetings Rosalynn,
We are sorry to hear about your health issue.
First, I would like to commend you on your personal awareness. You are absolutely correct to believe that the laxatives will and can generate further problems. The more dependent the large intestine becomes upon their use the worse and lazier your colon becomes; this can eventually lead to a prolapsed colon and possible surgery or some other form of allopathic medical care. It is quite unhealthy to live on or even administer laxatives for any length of time. The primary reason you are taking the laxatives is most assuredly due to your dietary intake, and or pharmaceutical drugs in rare cases other problems may pursue. Always know, that what you eat ALWAYS effects your ENTIRE digestive tract especially the elimination or lack of.

We shall be pleased to assist you with a healthier approach for improving your health and eliminating health problems and the abdominal distention, discomfort, irritability and other health maladies you are experiencing. We offer personal in-depth phone consultations to all our "long distance" patients.

Also recommended is that you begin exercising your abdominal area by means of sit-ups, leg raises, twists, crunches, etc. Physical activity is essential for a healthy elimination cycle.

Best wishes for your optimum health.
--Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart, PhD ND


I read you article on the causes of gas and don't seem to fit the general description.
I eat a balanced diet and am in good, don't drink with my meal, but I seem to have chronic gas problems.
Do you have any suggestions short of not eating at all?
Thank you for your advice.
--Patti McG.

Patti -
Thank you for your inquiry.
Ask yourself..
1. Do I drink with my meals?
2. Do I thoroughly chew each mouthful at least 32 times?
3. Do I talk (esp. excessively) while eating?
4. Do I eat on the run?
5. Do I eat fast?
6. Am I stressed when I eat?
7.Am I angered or depressed when eating?
If your answer is NO to all the above questions than...

Improper food combining has proven to be one the primary, if not the number one cause of flatulence. To determine what your specific problems with dietary habits are we could arrange a phone consultation with Dr. Stuart. A review of your eating habits, food combining, blood type and gland type can assist in fully determining how to completely recify the problem.
Hope this information has been beneficial for you. Please respond with your health changes. Blessings.

Thank you for replying.
I guess I don't chew my food enough times and
I eat pretty fast.
But maybe I should get this checked with a physician. It's been ongoing for sometime now.
Again, thank you.
Patti McG.

Patti -
Hopefully your doctor shall locate the problem; however, please allow me to share with you that we observe this health propblem on a daily basis and have found that correct eating habits and food combining have totally resolved the issue. If in anyway we can assist you please do not hesitate to e-mail us.
We promise to provide you with our best personal care based on your specific needs. Blessings and optimum health to you.
If you would like to recieve our newlsetter let us know as what city and state you are located in.
Blessings and good health.
PS. -- On a lighter side, Dr. Stuart travels and teaches in various areas of the US and perhaps sometime shall be in your area.

I would like more information on what your organization offers. Are there any costs involved? When will Dr. Stuart be in the Philadelphia area?

Patti -
Dr. Stuart is a Naturopathic Doctor and provides her patients and clients with detailed assistance based on their health or weight issue. In your specific situation she would probably address the matter in dietary and lifestyle including blood and gland type; if you desire, we also offer you the opportunity for lab testing which may determine your mineral imbalances, metal toxicity, hormone levels / imbalance, adrenal, thyroid or liver testing.
Pricing is determined upon what services are rendered or lab work that is ordered. Dr. Stuart engages and welcomes potential patients and clients throughout the world. Her reach is as far as New Zealand, Germany, India, Switzerland etc. as well as within the US. A phone consultation is available following your completed and submitted questionnaire to our office in CO.
Dr. Stuart carefully previews your health issue / history application prior to your initial in-depth personal consultation; the price of $120.00 entails an hour visit (on phone).
Subsequent e-mails may follow that are directly related to the original consult (no fee).
Currently, Dr. Stuart hasn't any upcoming programs scheduled for the PA area.
Blessings and optimum health to you.


Well I just visited your site and found it very interesting and informative. Would like to know a few things. But first shall I state about myself in a few words.
I am from India. Just a Year and half ago got married and in the month of March came to Vienna, Austria, where my husband resides. My husband has a small business we have to travel from Vienna to Slovak often.
I had constipation on and off and also suffered from PMS for a few years.
When in 1999 I came to know that I had a fibroid in my uterus. In the year
2000 I underwent a laparascopic myomectomy , the fibroid was app. 240 gms in weight and 8 cms in length.
The surgery was performed in India. Just recently when I went for an Ultra sound, the Gyn. did find a few small fibroids growing again. There is no
blockage in the fallopian tube. I did have infections like candida albicans twice, plus some other minor infections. I have never conceived so far. Since I have come to Vienna I have constipation on and off and I also have bloating, gas and sometimes I see swelling in my tummy. Even when my bowel is cleared, I have lots of gas and sometimes uneasy feeling in my stomach.
All these symptoms cause a lot of embarrassment and now i don't feel like going out to see friends or go out eating or for a movie. I don't feel like joining any classes to learn the local language as sitting in one place for an hour or so can be sometimes a big problem. Hence feel depressed as I have cut myself out from the outside world.
I did go to the specialist who did x - ray of my stomach and colon and the reports said that they are working fine. But the doc suggested that I have wheat and lactose intolerance and asked me to completely cut down rice, bread and wheat bread, dairy products except the milk of sheep or goat and cheese made of their milk, cut down on in take of potatoes, sweets, corn.
After consuming more of vegetables and less of rice or wheat bread I suffered worst case of constipation, felt more gassy and got irritated on all the petty things. So I have started eating all the things except dairy products ( only eat ice creams once in a while and sometimes yoghurt not made from Sheeps or goats milk).
My age : 33 years
Weight : 44 kgs
Height : 5 Feet
As for my diet : Morning breakfast often a medium sized bread with
butter, marmalade or bread with turkey ham, sometimes packed juice or Samolina
pudding. Lunch is typical indian rice with lentils or indian wheat bread (roti ) with vegetables ( which are usually cooked for longer time with lots of different spices ) in the evenings a bowl or two of salads and after
which some food like pasta, or two pieces of pizza or any indian food in smaller quatity. And after about an hour two oranges. Once in a while
eating out especially while travelling.
So I need to:
1. Get healthy and win the confidence back to face the world and to enjoy life.
2. Need to have a child.
If you have a remedy. Please let me know.

Dear Bharti -
Blessings to you. We are delighted to get to know you. All of your shared health maladies
definetly are generated around both your dietary habits and parasites.
All living creatures have parasites, some people suffer more than others. Parasites, a poor diet which includes incorrect food combining along with foods that disagree with your gland or blood type can cause and contribute to numerous problems.
The fact that you have experienced fibroids and are lactose intolerant.may
suggest to me that you are possibly an "A" or "O" blood type. Is this the case?
Your doctor was wise to suggest the elimination of COW milk products; these foods and beverages are difficult for the human body to adequately digest. The level of cassein is 300 times higher than mother's milk. The goat and sheep are much closer to the human size and considerably healthier.
Your bloated belly is a definite indication that you are bloated with fecal matter and gas that hasn't been eliminated. Bowel movements must occur following each meal ,as when you were an infant and young child. The bloated belly and gas will persist as you attempt to eliminate through a healthier diet. There is much older fecal matter and gas from years of improper eating and elimination thus the orderous stools. Simply continue to maintain consumption of a minimum of 50% RAW vegetables and some fruits. In addition, you MUST consume plenty of WATER, especially first in the morning to assist with elimination. Healthy breakfasts contain RAW fruits, NO grains and preferably to animal protein; nuts and seeds are a good source of protein.
Chewing is absolutely essential for healthier digestion. Proper food
combining is NUMBER ONE to prevent most all digestive problems; parasites can increase
the discomforts.
The web site contains numerous articles that cover more in detail. We suggest you visit the colon health and digestion pages.
The book, Nutrition For Your Body, Mind & Spirit is available in the USA. This book is a combination of an audio and study booklet that addresses healthy dietary/nutritional and weight changes to improve overall health. You can read
more about the book on our web site.
Due to all your problems we suggest you consider receiving a private consultation with Dr. Stuart via the phone or e-mail.
As for the parasites, we have a fabulous product that we offer all our
patients that suffer bloating, gas, constipation and of course parasites.
The program lasts about four months in order to eliminate all phases of
Constipation problems shall ALWAYS return until you learn what is best for
you. Your doctors recommendation was excellent. Dairy and most grains along
with meat are tremendous contributing factors towards constipation. Gas,
and digestive discomfort is dietary food combining related. Dr. Stuart
focuses on specifics for each client/patient. You may seriously prosper
from have Dr. Stuart assist you. We promise you that if you adhere to the
program designed for you your health maladies will dissipate, experience
increase in energy and feel terrific.
Hopefully this shall offer you some insight and contemplative thoughts.

Hello, Thank you so much for your quick and prompt reply.
As your website is vast, I still have to go through a lot of it. Though I did go through your article Colon and Digestion.
Well my blood group is O positive.
Would like to know price and postage charges applicable for Dr. Stuart's book: "Nutrition for your Body, Mind and Spirit". Also if I take Dr. Stuart's Consultation through phone or e-mail what will be the consultation charges and the procedures involved.
Thank you,

Bharti -
RE: Web Site:
Generally you can locate areas of interest on the Contents Page.
Your Health:
As an "O" blood type, you are advised to abstain from POTATOES, WHEAT,
CORN, (COW) DAIRY products {goat may be consumed in moderation}. There are other foods included, however these four are the worst for an "O:" blood
Dr. Stuart's Book, Nutrition For Your Body Mind & Spirit is available either on CD or Cassette and is aproximately ten hours of audio with a 73 page study booklet.
CD - $179.95 + shipping, handling
Cassette - $139.95 + shipping. handling
Must confer with PO to determine prices for international shiping and handling expenses.
Need to know where the product is being sent.
There is an on line discount through e-mail until Dec 10th.
Consultation: A one hour session with Dr. Stuart is $120.00 (US currency,
Bank certified check, AMX traveler checks or wire from one bank to another -
there is a fee for this) .
Enjoy your exploration on our web site. When we can help please contact us.



Sorry to hear your news. I suggest you contact either the
# 1 Aidan Clinic in Tempe, AZ or
# 2 Burzynski clinic in Houston, TX.
Both work with Cancer and have assisted many of our patients.
Please, share with us why you were motivated to contact our office.
We highly suggest that your mother ONLY consume primarily RAW ORGANIC vegetables in abundance and some RAW fruits. Vegetables are best in JUICE form. You will need a triturator juicer; she can press her own fresh vegetable juices. Vegie juices are the healthiest food source to consume. They are rich in LIVE enzymes, minerals (aren't cooked - heating destroys minerals), vitamins and amino acids. Plus the nutirents enter the blood stream quickly since it doesn't enter the digestion system/stomach as food. If she must consume any animal flesh be certain that it is only fresh fish (not shellfish or cat fish) and some
eggs. PERIOD!! Pork, especially, feeds cancer cells as do peanuts; abstain from those foods and read labels.
If your Mother is enduring any pain we suggest she avoid all SUGARS; sugars enhance
pain and stress the immune system. Plenty of healthy supplements ABCE,aminos, etc.
Hope that assists with your search.


This patient was originally diagnosed with Lung Cancer in October 2002. Natural remedies and health suggestions were recommended along with visitation to a specific health clinic.


Thank you...

Glen had his CT-scan on Monday, April 28 and we got the results on Thurs, May 1. The tumor on the adrenal gland is GONE, the one on his lymph system is GONE; the one in the middle of his right lung is GONE and the larger one at the top of the right lobe of his lung is shrinking and has fluid inside full of cancer cells!! Needless to say, Glen and I've been walking on air since Thurs. Thank you everyone for all your prayers. Please keep up the good work, he's not out of the woods yet, but has a wonderful chance. And to think that the oncologist gave him 6 months to live in Oct, 2002! Thank God for naturopathic medicines and the knowledge they all have. Glen is a walking miracle and I'm so happy!
Love to all our friends and family,
Marilyn B.


Q: I believe that I am probably toxic with metal poisoning such as alumunim, nickel and a few others. Is it truly possible to elliminate these toxins from my body to improve my health? Can too many metals cause health problems? Would you be able to determine what the toxic metals and their levels are without my coming to you? I live in Florida and either of your offices, Texas or Colorado is too far to travel. Thank you for any response ASAP.
Marsha P.

A: Hello Marsha, and thanks for your inquiry. You are absolutely accurate to believe that metal toxicity can and does contribute to health problems, as well as initiate them. A metal and mineral testing would be to your advantage thus offering a detailed internal picture of what is occurring within your body.

We provide a simple mail in laboratory testing for the combination of mineral imbalances and metal toxicity levels. The lab fee is $150.00, which most insurance companies reimburse (you shall receive your insurance receipt). We use one of the finest and highest quality labs for testing results. You shall be provided with a tissue mineral / metal personal information book plus a dietary book. If necessary additional materials shall also be provided.

The analysis fee is offered one of two ways. You can either have a phone consultation which shall include a separate audio tape of the analysis; the fee is $95.00. Or, you may request only the audio tape. The audio cassette will include an interpretation of the important mineral comparisons/imbalances plus the metal toxic levels and how to address these lab results towards improving your health. The audio ONLY is $69.00. You may e-mail us when you are prepared to have the testing.


Q:Do you have an FAQ available for your hydrotherapy? I have a few basic questions such as lenth of time and price for the inital procedure. Also, can i expect weight loss? Do I need to take an internal cleanser before the procedure. Thanks!
LaVida -

LaVida, thank you for your interest in Holistically Natural Health & Wealth and for visiting our web site. If you haven't already done so, you may revisit the website, click on the "Articles" button, select "Colon health"; there you shall find additional information pertinent to Colon Hygiene therapy.
Length of time is usually about sixty - ninety minutes for the first session - $95.00
This includes your triple purification colon irrigation session with abdominal massage, Chi Gong infratonic therapy, knee meridian therapy, foot reflexology, personal nutritional guidance to begin healing your colon and enhancing your health (the nutrition information is throughout your program) and an electrolyte, potassium, acidophilus / probiotic beverage at the close of session.
Second and follow-up sessions are one-hour in length - $75.00
The sessions include the same package as the first with continued nutritional awareness and handouts to further educate and enhance your overall health and weight desires and needs.
Periodically we do offer discounted packages (these may change in number and price) that may be used beginning with your third and forthcoming colon sessions.

At Naturally Balanced Health, our prime concern, and hopefully your, is to improve your health and life. With the colon irrigation therapy sessions and your personal nutritional program we guarantee you that your colon health with improve along with other symptoms directly related to the impaction within your colon plus weight loss. The fecal matter and gas contained within your belly region can weigh many pounds and must be eliminated to regain optimum health and life. As the fecal matters remains within the colon (large intestine) it putrefies and rots then eventually can leach out to other bodily tissues, cells and organs contributing to poor health and serious ailments or disease. We must always maintain a clean colon, this is your garbage disposal that must be clean and health to prevent additional serious health maladies such as colon cancer. For many health related problems read our Colon brochure located on the web site.
Thank you again for your inquiries. Blessings for your good health and enlightened awareness.


Q: I would like to have the prices, length of time it takes, and other pertinent
data on Colon Hygiene. We are 3 senior citizens and would like to consider
this option to healthy living....Thank you.
- S. Lemley

A: Thank you for contacting Naturally Balanced Health holistic services. We certainly shall be pleased to assist you with any naturally health care that we offer.
For additional information please Click the ARTICLES button, then click COLON HYGIENE this shall bring you to selective choices.

Our colon irrigation system is the gravity flow with a triple purification system and disposable tubes. This includes abdominal massage for release from some blockage, chi gong therapy machine for break-up of stagnation of energy, colon/kidney knee patella meridian therapy, nutritional counseling for a healthier colon and lifestyle (28 years nutrition), reflexology of the large intestine - if needed, and your electrolyte vitamin/mineral drink with acidopholus at the end.
The first session, if you haven't ever had a colonic / colon hydrotherapy, is generally one and one-half hours to two hours first visit and costs $95.00. Follow-up sessions are $75.00 for the hour. We always recommend that one abstains from food and beverage for two to two hours prior to your first session with us at NBH (Naturally Balanced Health.)
Many thanks and blessings.

Q: Good Morning and thank you for your answer so promptly. I have a liver
disorder and can's even take laxatives (they make me ill). I have a large cluster of Blood Cells in the center of it and they can't even take a biopsy because of this. Would this effect my being able to go through this program? Thanks for your help.

A: Peace and strength be with you as you endure your challenges in health. It is good that you can not take laxatives for they are most harmful to the large intestine.
As a result of the liver disorder we suggest addressing that matter from a holistic approach and consume a healthier diet.

Unfortunately, the primary cause for colon problems are directly related to one's unhealthy eating habits. At Naturally Balanced health (NBH) we guide our patients through a healthier lifestyle for quality and longevity.
If you are enduring chronic constipation and continuing to consume food you are then contributing to abundant health problems A colonic most likely may prove beneficial based upon your issues.
Hopefully this information shall enlighten you.

Q: Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I was born with this problem so the Doctors have told me. I eat healthy most of the time, so maybe my answer is the colonic. I will consider this and again I thank you.

A: I would certainly recommend that you confer with your physician so you both can make an informed decision. Best wishes towards optimum health.


Dear Dr. Stuart,
I am a client of yours, tho it's been a while since I've seen you. I had a colonic and some massages, as well as purchased some health products.
My question is if you know of anything that will help a mild case of erectile dysfunction. I don't want to take viagra and don't think I really need it, but I have had a problem maintaining an erection lately that is making me and my wife frustrated. Do you know of anything naturally that can help maintain an erection?
- K. Jackson
Yes, there are a number reasons for your personal health malady. The first aspect we generally consider is the stress level of your lifestyle. Other than stress, there are numerous chemical imbalances that may contribute to erectile dysfunction. We know that a healthy balanced nutritional diet with adequate supplements that include herbs (one in particular), vitamins, minerals or amino acids shall decrease or eliminate the problem.  Also recommend that you abstain from dairy products.
If you would like you may schedule an appointment for a mineral analysis and metal toxicity testing. This lab report shall offer some conclusive evidence of the origin. In addition there is a variety of healthy non-addicting herbs that generally prove safe and beneficial.
Dear Dr. Stuart,
That makes a lot of sense. I do have a lot of stress in my life and my diet is not where it should be. And there is some pressure to perform because we want to have another baby so the mental pressure might contribute.
Then my wife tells me my penis is smaller than it was when we first met nine years ago. I didn't think that was possible for it to shrink, is
How much do you charge for a mineral analysis and
metal toxicity testing?
- K. Jackson
In response to your inquiry, I believe that your penal size remains the same unless an accident has occurred to alter it. The only shrinkage would be the inability to erect to full extention.
The analysis lab work is $150.00. An office visit is $80.00 for one hour and $40.00 for one-half hour. You shall need a preliminary (testing) and follow-up visit for lab results.
Hope that suffices.
Dear Dr. Stuart,
Thanks so much for your help. Do colonics help too in relieving stress that can contribute to erectile dysfunction? I remember I felt very relaxed after the one you gave me. How much do you charge now for colonics?
- K. Jackson
Sometimes colonics may prove to be effective. When fecal matter and gas is not being properly eliminated it creates added stress on one's body;
the toxic accumulation from weeks, months and years of fecal and gas compilation certainly contributes to an abundance of health ailments. (See ARTICLES page and select COLON HYGIENE for brochure info.)
An unhealthy diet that disagrees with the body shall always cause unwanted problems. Unfortunately most people are not willing to create change and relinquish their poor eating habits and addictions to food. Attachments to unhealthy foods equals future health maladies
The price for colon therapy is $95.00 first visit and $75.00 for follow-up visits.
Also, I know that those men whose adductor muscles are tight tend to have some penal erection problems, be they twenty or sixty. There is a nerve that forges through one of the four adductor muscles straight to the penal
region. It is imperative that the man perform daily massage to the adductor muscle region to enhance blood and oxygen to the tissue. When a man with this problem is here for his massage I instruct him in what he must perform. The techniques are simple; one must be persistent. Whenever there is pain or dysfunction in the body it is an indication that there is blockage. The
chi, also known as energy, is unable to properly flow, which eventually contributes to additional health problems. Hope this enlightens your awareness. See you soon.


Hello. I was wondering if you offer any remedies or services for hair loss/thinning. I am a 27 year old female, and my hair has been slightly thinning. It looks okay now, but I want to prevent it from thinning further and I'd like to have it grow back in fully. Any suggestions? Please advise. It's been a gradual process for the last few years.
-M. Douglas
Yes, there are many reasons for your hair loss especially stress. Generally, the first
thought from the average person is the cause is either hereditary or stress.
These contributing factors are due to the genetic propensity. If one is
maintaining a healthy diet that is well balanced this is a prime factor for
healthy hair, skin and nails. Of course, we must consider the mineral
imbalances or metal toxicity which may be your prime reason. When one's
health is insufficient external problems persists.

An imbalance of Minerals and low vitamin will cause or contribute to hair loss.

Abstain from consuming raw egg whites, raw yolks are OK, cook the egg whites.

If you choose to see Dr. Stuart we can provide the lab testing that shall
offer beneficial suggestions from potential imbalances.


Q: I have searched for a Naturopath in my area and have come to realize that there aren't any. Also, there aren't any qualified Nutritionists. Would you be able to guide me with my personal health issues without my having to fly to Texas?
- S. Finklestein

A: Yes, about twenty percent of my clients/patients are outside of Texas or the US. Simply complete the detailed questionaire and e-mail back with the appropriate information. We can arrange a phone consultation Monday thru Saturday. Services can be paid with money order, cashiers check, visa, or master card see enclosed. Thank you for considering Naturally Balanced Health.


Q: I hope you can suggest something that might help retard my rapid receeding gums and perhaps help my gums to be once again strong.

A: Bob, for the best suggestions I would have to know details about your personal health and diet history. In general, I would recommend some basic information that may prove most beneficial. Higher doses of liquid or gelatin CO Q10 are most beneficial along with Vitamin C ascorbates. Attempt to completely eliminate refined sugar and bleached white/vitamin enriched grains, such as pasta, rice and bread; whole grains are healthier. Most important, please confer with your health practitioner prior to administering supplement dosages.


Q: dear sir/madam - hello,
my name is srinivas from hyderbad,india.i like you to help me to find more information on the use of natural methods and by nutrition for the improvement of vision,since my sister ,18,is suffering from druged induced optic nerve atrophy for the last 4 years, recently i came across a piece of information that
1.lutein,zeaxanthin,spirulina,celery,parsely ,carrotjuice are useful intreating patients having AMRD,retinal degenerations,and other eye diseases, will these products are useful in helping improvement of vision for my sister
2 Are they any natural methods or by herbs,or alternative methods one can use to improve vision
For the past 4 years my sister is having the same low vision condition ,please help me to find a anawer to my problem,if you know any information pl infrom me ,i will be grateful to for the information provided
thank you
- srinivas

Dear Srinivas,
We appreciate your loving concern regarding your sister's eye problem. There are numerous holistic beneficial approaches to enhance improvement in your sister's condition, her personal determination and physiological response must also be considered.

Dietary changes are necessary which include both additions and eliminations - dairy, fats, all oils except cold-pressed oils. Diet alteration is based upon particular foods, her illness, her blood type, gland type, other health issues and possible allergic reactions.

You are wise to recognize and understand the importance of vegetables, especially in their whole state, preferably organic. Vegetables are the most important food to consdier in enhancing healing in all health problems. Vegetables and fruits are high moisture foods and offer the body increased potential for healthier bowel movements. Elimination is mandatory when riding the body of toxins.

Raw foods are incredibly necessary for adequate healing. Live enzymes benefit the healing process. Vegetable juices are excellent especially carrot, carrot-beet and cucumber combination (for detoxification). Parsley juice or asparagus juice blended a little with carrot juice is also beneficial. Carrot, parsley, celery or endive juices are all beneficial.

Antioxidants are always essential for optimum health immune improvement and to ward off pollutants and poisons current and past. These include Vitamin E, high doses of Vitamin C and high doses of Vitamin A, (please confer with physician for any health problems when increasing Vitamin A). B complex vitamins are esential to reduce the body's inner stress factors which enhance the immune system and enable it to function more adequately. Antioxidant minerals such as selenium and zinc are also advised. Grape seed, Bilberry and L-Glutathione - an amino acid, also prove beneficial.

-- We would need your sister's specific health data to guide her through a personal consultation.
-- We sell a small line of high quality products to our patients, if you so choose you may purchase from either us or your reputable health store or health care provider.


Q:Can I request you as to what
should be done in case of pregnancy if the person does not feel hungry?
- Parekh

A:A desire for lost interest in food during pregnancy may be common during either the first trimester or the beginning portion of the second trimester.
Generally, a disinterest in food or ongoing morning sickness is your body's method of creating a healthy environment for the fetus to grow and develop.
To best adequately answer your question with considerable detail we would need to know your health history, particular pre-pregnancy eating habits and your health lifestyle.


Q: I must tell you that this is the best health information web site I have ever located. Do you travel outside of Texas to teach, lecture or counsel? Would you consider teaching courses in another state?
- C. Andrews

A:Thank you for your compliment. We enjoy sharing healthy information. It is imperative to educate those people who care to improve their life holistically. Yes, periodically a school or organization will request my teaching or lecturing at their location.


Q: I thoroughly have enjoyed visiting your web site. Thank you for the wealth of information you offer everyone. So much of it is new to me and I love it!
I have been searching for someone who can assist me with some nutrition information for my dog. Do you offer “Canine Consultations” for either weight loss or health problems?
--B. Harper

A: Thank you for your comments. We are motivated to educate and enlighten people on many truths about a healthier lifestyle. We are pleased that our site has stimulated many phone calls and questions.
Yes, for many years we have counseled clients on adequate PET nutritional health care for both ailments and weight conditions.
You are welcome to phone us rates and an appointment either by phone or on-site.


Q: Do you have specific evidence that your naturally balanced health program extends the lifespan a significant amount? Clearly, tendancies are affected by heredity. Do you think this is a primary reason for longivity and good-bad health? How can one separate out the various life styles, diet, exercise and other factors that influence our bodies and well being?
- R. Wimberly

A: We appreciate your questions pertaining to our insert on longevity.
Please know that the information offered is from decades of research and reading of information throughout the world. Unfortunately, the US people are posed with one of the shortest opportunities to longevity. General reasons are overeating, indulgence of unhealthy foods, and high concentrations of chemicals in our environment plus the avoidance of an emphasis on spiritual insight over that of the monetary greed factor. Perhaps we have our priorities in an unhealthy order.
We certainly concur that hereditary tendencies must be considered when determining longevity; mostly this is a result of similar unhealthy eating habits that are mimicked by child from adult family member. When we follow through with healthy eating habits, exercise/physical conditioning, plus maintaining a positive mental approach to life then we offer our self the opportunity for quality life and enhanced longevity. Remember, we manifest our own thoughts.
You raise a good question when you inquire, "How can one separate out the various life styles, diet, exercise and other factors that influence our bodies and well being?" Yes, the borage of overwhelming diets and diet aids in this country is almost preposterous. Travel to Europe or Asia and you will note that obesity is a rarity. Again our problem is overeating, especially consumption of the nutritionally deficient processed foods. Seek a quality Nutritionist, a Naturopath or research on your own what might work best for you based upon your personal lifestyle and needs. Exercise or physical conditioning must be something you enjoy and shall benefit you. Jack LaLanne stated, "exercise one-half hour three to four times a week." The point is to take
care of your most precious commodity - Your Body/Mind. Instead we tend to Abuse our Body/Mind. Prayer is our verbal connection to our higher source and Meditation is our ability to Listen to our higher source. Apply both daily.


Q: I am badly constipated with irregular bowel movements. Would an enema or a colonic get rid of the constipation and odor?
- S. Bell

A: Either an enema or Colonic Irrigation Therapy may prove beneficial in assisting you in your current bowel elimination problem. If you choose to give yourself enemas, arrange to do one skip a day and do another; this should assist in some elimination of the older odorous fecal and gas. It is advised to add a small amount of organic apple cider vinegar to the very warm water that you fill in the enema bag. We advise that you boil the water and allow it to cool to about 101 degrees. Unfortunately, an enema only works on only the lowest portion of the descending colon, thus disallowing for fecal elimination from the entire colon.
Colon Irrigation Therapy is more effective than enemas. The Colonics allows for greater large intestinal relief. The water has the ability to cleanse the entire descending portion of the colon, plus eventually cleansing the transverse and ascending as needed.
Most important is a serious transformation in dietary habits. We can provide a personal program. Contact our office for either a scheduled on-site appointment or long distance phone consultation.
Please refer to our Articles section for additional information about Colon Health Care.


Q: To whom it may concern,
I just heard on the radio about water. I didn't quite get the info.
How important is water in your diet? Is there a weight ration intake for good health? How much water is healthy to drink? Is there a quota per weight? How much water is advised if you use it as part of a weight loss program? Is there a water consumption program?
- Anthony
A: The human body is two-thirds water. Water is one of the most essential nutrients that are involved in every function of a healthy body. Water assists with the transport of other nutrients and waste by-products in and out of the cells. Water is mandatory for maintenance of body temperature, digestion, absorption, circulation and excretory functions. Lack of sufficient quality water may contribute to various health problems. The most obvious symptomatic problems are abdominal swelling, constipation, blemishes, halitosis, flatulence and belching.
The minimum daily amount of suggested water consumption is 64 ounces. A larger sized individual must consume greater amounts of water. For those who consume “toxic” beverages such as coffee, tea and carbonated beverages they must consume increased quantities of water. When focusing on a weight loss program, water, fresh vegetable and fruits juices are primary in enhancing one’s health. To maintain improved health it is best to fast on water from sunrise, all the following day and night then consume some light fruits the second morning. Fasting offers incredible benefits to the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Clarity is at best when we gently fast with pure liquids of water and vegetables juices.
Water selections vary from the lowest grade; tap water to the highest grade, oxygenated water. Tap water is collected from streams, rivers, ponds, etc and is filtered through the ground to a water table. Usually the water is chemically treated to destroy all harmful bacteria. Water from a tap may be hard or soft. Hard contains high concentrations of calcium and magnesium; the calcium, found in hard water can potentially be harmful to the bones, heart and arteries. Soft water has been treated to remove the calcium and magnesium. Soft water may dissolve your water pipe linings. The toxic chemicals from the pipes can leach into the water, which may contribute to various health disorders. Bottled water includes city distilled, reverse osmosis, spring, distilled spring or oxygenated. To attain a healthier body the premier sources for cleansing is distilled spring, city distilled or reverse osmosis. To generate energy and health enhancement oxygenated is the ultimate source. Spring water tastes good and may contain minerals you may or may not need in your body.

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