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Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart, PhD ND

To healthfully maintain a balanced weight loss and energy program you must be conscientious about transforming yourself from poor eating habits to a healthier lifestyle. Remember, you are an individual, unique from all others and must be treated as such. At Natural Optimum Wellness we focus on assisting each person towards a personally balanced healthier life - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually etc.

Isn’t your primary health goal to lose weight, gain energy and feel terrific? To simply follow one of the numerous genetic diet plans certainly doesn’t address your specific individual needs. No two people are precisely alike. There are different blood types, metabolisms, different ratios on each primary gland types, lifestyles, cholesterol levels, triglycerides levels and glucose tolerance just to name a few.

Let’s say you and your friend, Chris decides to enroll in one of the well-known diet or exercise plans. Obviously you and Chris do not share identical body types. To begin with your body shape and size are uniquely your own. It is essential you each receive balanced nutrition based upon your individuality.

Perhaps both of you are dedicated and disciplined to follow the diet/exercise plan of choice. A few weeks pass and Chris has eliminated some noticeable pounds and inches. Chris boasts about his/her increased energy level. Overall Chris is feeling positive about this diet/exercise plan. Even Chris’ health is improving. You are pleased for Chris but are unable to understand why your progress is barely noticeable. Perhaps you lost an inch or even a pound or two, yet you feel bloated and somewhat irritable. You confer your experience and disappointment with Chris. Perchance Chris can shed some light on what you might be doing differently. Amazingly enough both yours and Chris’ food or exercises are quite similar. Both of you are abstaining from the same avoidance foods or following the precise exercise regime. So what’s the problem?

Could it be the protein lectins in the food respond differently to each of your body types? Do you consume more aging and health debilitating foods rather than rejuvenating and healing foods? Could there be an occurring imbalance in one or some of the glands? Perhaps the chosen food or exercise are not harmonious to your under or over active gland(s). Do you have the same metabolism, similar sleep or exercise patterns? Are your stress levels different? Are you consuming the foods at their most beneficial time of day or are you absorbing more of the toxins and pesticides from the food? Are you nutritionally balanced?

Numerous factors partake in the overall success in weight/health management. Why consider weight management rather than diet? The word die is within the word diet. Each time you diet you are attempting to alter yourself by means of a different way of eating. The plan you select may or may not prove beneficial or harmful. Consider all the diet pills, fad diets and liquid diets with their possible harmful ingredients; be alert to the warning labels. What about diet sodas? The chemicals and phosphoric acid alone are health debilitating. The ingredients contained in diet sodas can prove harmful to your health or contribute to weight gain. No reports support evidence that diet sodas and chemically altered or artificially sweetened foods contribute to weight loss and improved health. Remarkably enough the more artificial sweeteners you consume the more your body will crave sweets and carbohydrates. Your body will demand what it believes is missing. More overweight folks consume diet sodas and they continue to gain weight. Rarely do they slim down and maintain a healthy size. Both diet and sweetened sodas contribute to bone density loss and aging for the slim and overweight alike. Diet sodas are poisonous to an otherwise healthy body. The diet soda is the incorrect beverage to assist with weight loss and improved health management. Be certain to select a program that suits your needs and enhances your health while you transform your body size.

Rather than diet pills why not use healthy supplements, herbs and foods that promote fat loss, increase energy, suppress appetite, reduce or eliminate cravings and aid you in feeling better. If you believe that to feel and look great is one of your goals than spring into a quality, longevity oriented and optimum personal weight/health management program.

When considering weight management a balance of healthy approaches will enhance your results. For many people diets are a lifetime of yo-yo eating. You gain weight, go on a diet to lose weight, lose weight or inches, and fall backwards into poor eating habits, then you gain more weight than you originally lost. Worse yet, each time you yo-yo diet your body is stressed. When the body is stressed you age more quickly. Typically chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, flavorings, additives or over eating, too many acid-forming foods, incorrect food combining all physically stress your good health and age you.

Understanding and addressing your health and weight management needs may be gained through the following:

In the late 1940’s early 50’s protein lectins, that were previously discovered to exist in foods, had a direct relationship to a person’s blood type. Periodically articles and books have been written to further explore and shed light on another healthy eating regime. We know that specific blood types tend to originate from particular cultures and regions. A native Asian “A” blood type could prove to be healthier than a Caucasian “A” type. Most Orientals consume an abundance of fish, sea vegetables and soy-based products. These foods enhance their life and health. Caucasians lacking in these foods while eating and abundance of meat and dairy are more likely to wind up with health problems. To assist in cancer prevention and healing add plenty of soy, sea vegetables and non-shellfish to your nutritional program. When persons stray from a healthy eating plan based upon their blood type they become over weight, under weight, sick or at worse manifest a serious disease such as cancer.

Type “O” blood will continue to gain weight and feel lousy from an abundance of wheat products, potatoes, cabbage and dairy. “B” blood type has difficulty maintaining appropriate weight and good health when consuming wheat, corn, chicken and tomatoes. The “A” blood type’s consumption of dairy, wheat in over abundance and four-legged meat while lacking soy-based products may lead to serious illness. And the “AB” blood type must avoid red meat, wheat, seeds and corn products to keep the body fit and healthy. These foods are only a few of the avoidance foods; beneficial foods are equally lengthy.

Did you know that a person who consumes too many acid forming foods, uses an abundance of non-organic foods and personal hygiene products, tends to be overly negative in thought or action could easily be labeled as acidosis - overly acid? Acidosis ages you and contributes to numerous health problems. Comprehension of acid and alkaline forming foods ratio can be your number one key towards positive health, longevity and youthfulness. A second key is flexibility; best gained through stretching, yoga or t’ai chi.

Your awareness and understanding of acid and alkaline forming reactions within the body is a helpful act to prevent health problems and unhealthy weight gain. Acid forming foods such as meats, sweets, and refined foods add much of the tissue acid waste in the body. Acid wastes that are not properly eliminated from the body through healthy bowel movements, following each meal, will reabsorb from the large intestine into the liver, then recycle back into the body’s circulation, eventually causing health related problems and physical discomfort. Acid forming foods will putrefy thus causing flatulence and belching; this is the digestive system backing up as a result of unhealthy bowel elimination. Acid forming foods take considerably longer to breakdown than alkaline forming foods. One sure way to turn some acid forming foods to alkaline is through adequate chewing of each mouthful 32-100 times.

To maintain an overall healthy and beautiful body internally and externally the alkaline forming foods such as vegetables will both enrich health and aid in elimination of acid forming foods. A greater consumption of alkaline forming foods is needed, and a lesser amount of acid forming foods is your best ally for a healthier you. If you are feeling, sick, tired, lacking energy and are depressed or negative you are probably over acid. Acid forming foods, such as too many animal proteins, will contribute to stiff, sore muscles, headaches, sinus congestion, shallow breathing, and countless other health ailments. Alkaline forming foods, such as most fruits, will enhance your health through healthy weight reduction, increasing strength, stamina, energy, sex drive, memory and youthfulness.

You can improve your weight and health by discovering which of your primary glands - thyroid, adrenal, pituitary or gonads are either under or over active. This may have a direct effect on the way you feel and heal. Foods supply stimulation to a glandular system. We eat more than we want in attempt to find what food will enhance how we feel. Thyroid types enjoy an abundance of refined grains and sweets. Adrenal types eat too many meats and potatoes. The Pituitary type indulges in dairy and the Gonad type enjoys spicy and perhaps greasy foods. Each metabolic type is designed to insure our quality health by a set of biochemical reactions. Foods will stimulate a glandular system. Indulging in too many foods for the incorrect gland selection can contribute to overweight, slow metabolism and poor health. Know your gland type and metabolic system.

Simply consuming foods based upon the time of day in relation to their solar energy or chemical/pesticide absorption may further guide you towards a healthier life. Foods tend to absorb the positive solar energy at their peak time while promoting natural pesticides or receiving chemical spraying at their off time, the afternoon and evening. An example is the apple tree. The tree grows high and absorbs the morning sun energy. The morning is the best time to eat apples.

In the afternoon the apple tree naturally emits pesticides or is receiving spraying from the orchard farmer. Consuming an apple in the afternoon or evening is not as beneficial as the morning. We absorb what the plant absorbs. There is a synchronicity to nature’s solar timing and we are part of the whole.

In addition to a balanced nutritional application utilizing the blood type eating, acid / alkaline forming foods ratio, personal gland interpretation and solar nutrition the energy derived factors from Yin and Yang foods may offer you less physical bodily stress. Yin and Yang are oriental Chinese terms defined as opposing forces to balance one another. Yin represents night, mother, woman, moon, darkness, nurturing, soft, down, internal energies etc. Yang represents day, father, man, sun, light, aggression, hardness, up and external energies etc.

When we regard Yin and Yang with food Yin is cooling and shrinking and Yang is warming and expansive. One simple possibility to determine if you are more Yin or Yang is through your sense of internal temperature. If you easily become chilled you could have an abundance of Yin. Consuming more Yang oriented foods, such as ginger or kiwi would prove beneficial to your health. The counterpart person who easily becomes hot probably maintains a higher level of Yang and would greatly benefit from eating more Yin foods, such as cucumbers or melons. Coffee for a Yang person would certainly be the incorrect choice as this beverage heats the body and raises the blood pressure.

Americans are notorious for over eating. Perhaps our over indulgence in food is the readily availability on every corner in almost every store. Face it we love to eat. To eat in moderation is good to over eat is destructive. Over eating is the number one contributing factor to aging and health problems. A result of over eating taxes the heart, liver, stomach, and intestines as well as the other digestive organs. Your heart must work equally hard to digest food as it does to exercise. Of course with over eating you do not gain the benefits as you do from exercise. Learn to eat less food; chew each mouthful more slowly and thoroughly (32–50 times.)

Your journey to search for knowledge will enrich your health. Quick weight loss programs, pills and fads are all temporary and possibly harmful. To gain insight and know which foods enable fat burning, retain fluids, cause bloating, swelling, sinus and other health related problems plus adequate physical conditioning are essential properties in obtaining the desired healthy body you aspire to acquire.

At Natural Optimum Wellness Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart will personally address your specific health and weight management needs. Your highest good is our primary concern. To schedule an appointment or receive a complimentary fifteen minutes personal consultation with Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart please phone 817-642-3014.

Be certain to consult your physician prior to onset of any new health / weight management program. Most important is to be assured that the program you select will not conflict with your current health issues.

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