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Autumn to Winter - Final third

These last weeks of autumn is the final third segment of the season in which folks have begun preparing for winter's bitter cold and long darkened nights. 

In years passed, folks would rearrange their home and hearth for the harsh winter season. Assortments of appropriate herbs and necessary foods to nourish the body and soul were essential to prevent cold man winter from snatching a loved one before the spring's arrival.

The Chronobiotic Solar Wheel chart can be your guideline for both seasonal and your personal health insight towards maintaining a stronger physical constitution. Therefore, as we soon depart from November entering December, the days shrink shorter and the nights overtake the daylight.

Solar Wheel chart - laminated is available on Amazon or contact us directly.

These final four weeks of Autumn is your opportunity to focus on enhancing your circulation, reproductive sexual organs and immune system thus strengthening your overall health.

Improving circulation affords you the opportunity to prevent and even ward off winter illness cold, flu, etc. A strong immune system and healthy sexual reproductive organs are the mainstay during this portion of the year. 

The opposite bodily organ to the Circulatory / Sex is your stomach organ - where digestion of food must sufficiently breakdown to be adequately absorbed in the small intestines.

Following an evening slumber and "fasting" from food, you must begin your day with the correct healthy procedure, which assures quality fuel that enriches your health rather than stresses, and taxes your body. 

Abstain from heavy foods: meats, pork, dairy and breads or greasy foods: fried or oily as your first choices for a breakfast meal.


Daily consume a healthy digestive breakfast every morning. 

*Begin your morning with 12-16 ounces of warm water and juice of ½ -1 lemon (depending upon its size.) 

*Eat fresh fruits and nuts that grow high in trees. Fruits are rich in natural sugar for energy, fiber for healthier elimination in bowels and kidneys; water which is necessary for all organs. 

*Our body is greater than eighty percent water, thus we must consume plenty of healthy beverages such as fresh pressed vegetable juices, water preferably ionized water ( higher alkaline levels and hydration) or water with a small amount of fruit juice greatly diluted with water 1/20, herbal teas. Note: bottled, tap, well or distilled water Ph level is usually 5.5 -6.5 Ph levels. Water Ph is healthiest between 7.5-11.0

Ideal suggestions to further enhance your health:

Administer plenty of Vitamin C - minimum 1000mg. three times per day with food.

Administer plenty of Vitamin B complex - minimum 100mg. two times per day with food.

Administer herbal capsules of Garlic - minimum 800 mg. one time per day in evening with food.

Wash hands regularly. 

Consume plenty of water by sipping and mixing with saliva in mouth for proper absorption.

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