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10 Hour Audio and detailed Book Companion with charts, formulas, lists and more.

Program Produced live at UTA.

* Rid Digestive and Elimination ailments
* Boost Immune system
* Enhance Youthfulness
* Increase Memory
* Lose and Maintain Weight
Plus numerous additional health benefits

Focuses on: 
* Correct Food Combining - Eliminate Digestive and Bowel problems.
* Solar Nutrition - Balance Your body for Optimum Health
* Body Blood Types - Improve Health and Weight
* Acid - Alkaline - Enhance Youthfulness
* Healthy Flushes 
* Food's Vitamins & Minerals

A Lifestyle Change Designed to Improve Your 


Can be traced back 10,000 years ago to Mongolia. Solar Nutrition's dietary approach is the prodigious knowledge for promoting healing and balancing of your health and weight issues.

Chronobiology aligns natural solar energy with living plants and animals. Each life source absorbs the suns concentrated powerful energy rays, which are rich in nutrients, such as vitamin "D." 

All life, including humans are comprised of energy matter. No matter how finite you delve into separating the body's tissues and cells, our foundation remains enveloped of energy matter. 

When you consume foods at the precise time frame as when the plant or animal absorbed their solar energy, you benefit from the concentrated nutrients enriched within that plant or animal food. 

n Solar Nutrition, consuming foods at their prime beneficial time, you abet your health and overall well-being. Plant and animal alike absorb solar energy from the sun during their specific peak times. 

Photosynthesis is the creation of carbohydrates from carbon dioxide mixed with water and oxygen within the "plant's blood" known as chlorophyll. 

5 hours about Solar Nutrition in the Audio and Book combo: 

In every season there is a reason to live by the creations of nature. With the rise of obesity and a desire to maintain quality health we are conscious of the numerous variety in diets.

There are numerous poorly balanced dietary restrictions presented in diets and fat-loss programs. Dietary restrictions may include high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate, sugarless, low calories and calorie counting, which could generate discomfort or prove unhealthy, especially with incorrect or poor food choices over healthier foods while still maintaining the calorie restriction. 

Each of these dietary plans can induce mineral and vitamin deficiency contributing to additional health maladies. 

Every individual must be respected for his or her personal dietary selection and attempt to improve their health and weight. A dietary plan for one person might be unsettling for another.

In Solar Nutrition, no matter what your specific diet regime, you will greatly benefit by consuming each food source during its' prime solar absorption time. 
Consuming food during its' most beneficial time will support and enrich your body. 

AUDIO 10 hours and BOOK $179.95 + shipping


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