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Consuming these beverages will enhance or negatively affect your health.

All beverages must properly mix with your saliva for healthy digestion, nutrient absorption in small intestines and quality elimination from your large intestine (colon).

Be diligently and consistently conscious about "chewing" these beverages, especially if any solid foods, i.e. fruits or vegetables or powders are added into the blender.

"CHEWING" beverages is the mechanism of sloshing the pureed liquid around ten times in your mouth to adequately mix your saliva with the liquid. 

SALIVA assists in healthier digestion and less stress on your stomach prior to the food/liquid entering your small intestine for healthy sufficient digestion of the nutrients. Lack of chewing, which aids in the breakdown of nutrients, is lessened when saliva is not mixed with any food / beverage source. 

Insufficient saliva mixture with liquid can contribute to digestive and or elimination ailments. 

DIGESTIVE problems may include acid reflex, indigestion, heartburn or ulcers.

ELIMINATION / bowel problems are bloated belly, flatulence, odorous stools, constipation and or diarrhea.

Obtain the most from your "healthy" beverages. They can serve you well when properly consumed and absorbed.

BEWARE: Certain food combinations do not mix well in your stomach and can cause or contribute to indigestion, chest pain, belly pains, gas or odorous stools, etc. Fruits when mixed with any other food including dairy or nuts will cause digestive and or elimination bloating or distress. Some fruits should not be consumed in mixture with other fruits i.e. melons must be consumed alone and not mixed with other fruits. 

GOOD: Drinking smoothies or protein drinks are much healthier, even in wrong combination, then drinking sodas, energy drinks with caffeine, alcohol or any milk beverages. Best results occur when you adhere to proper food combining which provides you with the highest quality of nutrition and ease of digestion for your body.

Contact us for an appointment (817-642-3014) to learn what healthy combinations are most beneficial for your body type. There are 46,358,968,720 different body types.

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