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Nutrition healing and wellness for Pets



As a holistic Naturopath doctor and animal advocate, I am dedicated towards educating and informing pet guardians on healthy pet food and remedies. 
Decades of research and lovingly attending to my four horses, six dogs, ten cats and two litters of kittens plus friends, family, patients and students domestic pets, I believe and know that nothing good comes from constant or consistent consumption of dry foods for our canine and feline friends. 


Dry food is typically made from rendered ingredients, such as chicken meal, poultry by-product meal, and Meat and Bone Meal (MBM.)
Rendering starts with animal-source ingredients being fed into a massive grinder to reduce them to chunks. 
The resulting hodgepodge is boiled at high temperatures for hours or even days, turning everything to mush. 
Foods cooked over 188 degrees is lacking in all minerals. 
Fat floats to the top and is skimmed off for other uses. 
The remainder is dried to a low-moisture, high protein powder suitable for use in dry foods as flavoring or for scent.

Some rendered products are Chicken meal, for instance, is likely to be relatively pure, however at the negative side, harmful foods and their processing must be avoided and yet they are contained in many commercial dry pet foods... 

* Non-meat parts from cattle, sheep, swine, or poultry, such as intestines, lungs, spleens, heads, hooves, udders, unborn fetuses, diseased or parasitized livers, cut-away tumors, and other parts unsuitable for human consumption.

* Restaurant waste and out-of-date supermarket meats (and no, there isn't a guy standing there taking them out of the packages; the "rules" allow for a certain percentage of plastic in the end product.) 

* "Deads" -animals that died on the farm (whose carcasses may have been decomposing in the sun for days.)

* "Downers" (animals too sick or injured to walk into the slaughterhouse)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that dog foods containing MBM and/or "animal fat" (both rendered ingredients) were the most likely to contain pentobarbital, the primary Drug used to Euthanize animals.

Avoid foods containing starchy vegetables or grains - especially Corn and Wheat grains, which can cause joint and bone or upper respiratory ailments. 

Adult Dogs and Cats do not need any Grains or Starchy Vegetables in their diet; these starches add extra unhealthy calories, thus causing pet obesity, diabetes or an array of additional health problems and shorter life spans. 


It's currently estimated that about 50% of dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight, and many are seriously obese. Carrying extra weight will shorten your pet's life, create unnecessary discomfort, and will surely lead to one or more chronic diseases.

Dry food is a highly concentrated source of calories. Dry food, not canned food or any other high-moisture food, is where the calories are. Dry food is the leading cause of obesity in pets. Obesity by itself leads to many serious diseases, including:

* Diabetes
* Vomiting
* Chronic Vomiting
* Chronic Diarrhea
* High Blood Pressure
* Skin and Coat Problems
* Hepatic Lipidosis (Liver Failure)
* Pancreatitis
* Arthritis
* Heart Disease
* Asthma
* Allergic Skin Disease
* Inflammatory Bowel Disease
* Bladder Disease
* Kidney Disease

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