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In the mid-seventies there was an article about a Lhasa Apso (dog) who lived a long healthy life to age 29. The dog was fed mostly vegetables, beef, poultry or fish and some whole grains, such as rice. Also, the owner opted to skip annual vaccinations.

Overweight and poor nutritional dietary habits will and can induce serious health problems and shorten the life span of your loving pet. Enhancing quality health and years to your pet is as important as the love and attention you share. Care enough to feed your pet the best possible healthy foods.

You are certainly not doing your pet a favor to offer him unhealthy foods. Dogs and cats are actually lactose intolerant, one primary reason is that the hormones and chemicals are also detrimental to the animal's health. Pizza and slices of cheese will cause and contribute to annoying health problems such as diarrhea or constipation. Like people, your dog desperately needs an abundance of vegetables in their diet. Their compulsion to consume grass is their communicative way of telling you to feed them more whole high moisture foods - vegetables and fruits.

Too much of a "good thing" will cause or contribute to health ailments. These maladies are similar to human illnesses, which are manifested from an unhealthy, nutritionally deprived diet. Be cautious not to feed your pets too much wheat, corn and other grains. Grains are generally cheap fillers that save feed companies considerable sums of money. If you must feed your pet an abundance of grains, be certain that you feed a whole grain rather than such items as processed or bleached pasta or bread. Avoid chips and other junk foods; they will lead your pet down a road of discomfort and disease. There are some foods that are poisonous and seriously harmful to your pet, especially over the long range.

Weight problems that occur are either overweight/obesity or underweight which is generated by infection or other health related problems. Due to inactivity, poor diet and or overeating. Pets, like people become overweight and obese. You, the loving caretaker must abstain from allowing your pet to consume fatty,
fried, or sweet snacks. Eventually your pet will develop serious cravings. Poor quality food and incorrect feeding limits the pet's ability to maintain a healthy body. To substantiate a healthy lifestyle, your pet needs sufficient proteins, vitamins, minerals, live enzymes and amino acids. Incorrect feeding will generate an irregular or slow metabolism; this may create an uncontrollable and excessive hunger. 

Excess weight and fat adds stress and strain to the heart, disturb circulation and creates any number of other disorders, malfunctions and 
shortens the life span. Some positive changes include: altering the number of meal feedings, reducing the amount of food; improving the food
quality with nutritious, higher moisture, low-fat food, adding a vitamin and mineral supplement to the diet, and resisting your desire to feed 
unhealthy snacks or treats. Remember to increase your pet's activity.

For the underweight problem, you must first confer with you veterinarian to determine the reason for weight loss. Generally an infection or another problem is contributing to the health issue.

Countless ailments are a definite result of improper foods. Wrong food combinations and harsh toxins such as Cancer-forming agents, are generally added to pet foods. Many pet foods are incredibly harmful to your pet's overall health. There aren't any regulations on pet food. Your pet, like yourself, is healthier when consuming foods free from chemicals, preservatives, artificial colorings, additives and flavorings, 

BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole,) a preservative chemical has been proven to cause cancer and behavioral alterations in rat studies. To be safe, purchase pet foods that utilize a natural alternative like rosemary (an herb), Vitamin C or Vitamin E. The primary reason for adding BHA to the food is to extend the shelf life, especially foods with oil containing ingredients. 

There are a number of additional unhealthy additives that have been deliberately added to pet food. One such example is Sodium Nitrite. This is predominantly used as a preservative and coloring agent. Sodium Nitrite in food can produce carcinogenic substances known as nitrosamines. Why add an unhealthy ingredient simply for eye-appeal?

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