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Dietary and lifestyle can slow down and/or potentially prevent the progression of dementia and brain pathology.

Neurotransmitters impact memory, learning, attention, and wakefulness and everything we do.

 Neurotransmitters that fail repeatedly cause dementia and/or Alzheimer’s.

Your brain / the neurotransmitters require the right Brain Food fuel and an abundance of oxygen from exercise.

Unhealthy foods / junk nutrition causes your neurotransmitters stop working causing dementia, beginning with “senior moments.”

Many years of bad fuel and oxygen, causes the brain to build-up plaque – clogged arteries and neurotransmitters,
which sends wrong signals to the wrong parts of the brain.

Brain cells die faster than they can be replaced the brain starts to die as cells are destroyed.

Dementia to occur that has started can be reversed

Improve some easy lifestyle and nutritional

Avoid unhealthy food/beverage choices

Daily, administer high-quality brain-friendly supplements: amino acids, herbs, minerals and vitamins.

Medium Chain Triglycerides. MCTs are in coconut oil, especially raw organic.

Consider consuming many tablespoons per day, which may be added to foods and beverages.

Coconut oil is healthiest when consumed uncooked.
The heating of oils can contribute or cause artery blockages to many body organs, and
potentially lead to a stroke, heart attack, erectile dysfunction and or brain problems.

Natural holistic remedies, supplements and pharmaceutical drugs containing MCTs

will help to slow down and reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s and other memory loss.

There are a total of seventeen B vitamins and most people are seriously deficient in most of them.
Vitamin’s B complex must consist of a minimum of 8-12 of the B’s.   
Like vitamin C, the B vitamins are water soluble.
When the vitamin B’s are not administered daily, and/or you are consuming foods and beverages
such as sugars, alcohol, chemicals, etc., that destroy the B vitamins, plus endure stress of any form: mental emotional, physical, financial and spiritual
all causes the depletion of all the B vitamins; therefore, the B complex vitamins must be taken daily.

The vitamin B complex is a necessary source of wellness, especially memory and neural concerns
since it focuses primarily on the central nervous systems (brain and spinal cord).
The three types of nerves in your body are autonomic nerves, motor nerves, and sensory nerves. 

Avoid what negatively impacts your brain health -

  • Omit the more than one dozen prescription drugs that can negatively impact brain health.
  • Fake foods are brain destroyers.
  • Incorrect dosages of copper and zinc.
  • Consuming a low-fat diet is a disaster for brain health. The brain requires Protein, Plant fats and water.


  • More than twelve Foods that enhance your brain health
  • Physical exercise that stimulates the growth of brain cells and neural pathways faster
  • than other types of exercise are: martial arts, dance, water exercise, and especially weight training enhances brain health.
  • Engage in fun brain challenges  to maintain a sharp mind.
  • Music, listening and or playing an instrument help reverse symptoms of dementia.
  • Rest and sleep is extremely essential for a brain-boosting health.
    The brain requires eight hours of solid sleep to regenerate and heal to function for the next day.
  • Best brain health supplements: amino acids, herbs, minerals and vitamins.
    Administer the best B vitamins associated with brain atrophy and improve memory.
  • BEST Fish oil and coconut oil. Not all Oils are equal or healthy. Don’t purchase cheap oils.
    Some oils have “other” oils added as fillers and are not pure or nor all naturally organic.

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