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Unfortunately, over 5,000 people in North America do hear those words -- every single day. One in Three people will be diagnosed with Cancer this Year!

There is more money to be earned gained the research,with still NO cures or medical prevention.

Learn how to prevent the Cancer cells in your body -

Everyone has cancer cells.

You CAN Prevent Cancer calls to be activated in your body.

Contact A Holistic Doctor ... Dr Sorai can help you. Appointments in office or by phone.

Prevention IS Increased with a Healthy Immune system and can Kill evil Cancer cells.

#1 Deficiency of sufficient Iodine Rich Foods - get an Iodine Test.

#2 AVOID ALL FOODS with GMO's - Cause Cancer.

#3 AVOID ALL CHEMICALS, PESTICIDES SPRAYED ON FOODS,PRESERVATIVES, BHT, BHA and other carcinogens, such as deep fried foods especially reheated fried oils.

#4 AVOID ALL ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS - Splenda, Aspartame, Equal, Truvia, etc. ALL these feed and cause Cancer.

#5 AVOID ALL Refined Foods. These foods negatively effect the Cancer cell growth. i.e.sugars - this suppresses your Immune System
White grains, flours, potatoes, breads, etc. All grain foods, especially high temperature cooking and reheated grains -i.e. potatoes, ALL convert to Sugars.


#6 AVOID All Refined Processed Oils

#7 AVOID ALL Table Salt - use only Organic Sea Salt

#8 AVOID All SOY BEAN FOODS - Fermented Soy is OK i.e. Miso and Tempeh are acceptable.

#9 Heavy Metal accumulation causes Cancer - found in foods, dental materials, medicines sprayed on foods, vaccinations and some fish.

Contact us to obtain your Toxic Metal test.

#10 Radiation from tests and x-rays, Cat-scans, Mammograms, etc.

#11 Vitamin & Mineral deficiency. All Minerals are destroyed in when cooking foods over 118 degrees.

Vitamins and Minerals are deficient or missing in PROCESSED FOODS.

For many decades, Bromine has been heavily added into many foods, i.e. breads, rather than Iodine. The bromine is a contributor to Cancer cell growth AND in most cases not listed in the ingredients.

Naturally Balanced Health - Dr Suzanne Joy  SPECIALIZES in Cancer and Immune Deficiency. Provides you with Natural Alternative Prevention and healing Cures. http://naturallybalancedhealth.com/cancerdefense.html

>CANCER DEFENSE - Prevent & Reverse

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