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Sun Gazing - spiritual practice that consist of gazing at the sun for the absorption of nourishment and nutrients rather than consuming foods. 

There are tens of thousands of people that believe gazing at the sun, every day, for a specified increment of time, provides them an overall benefit for deeper spirituality and improved health plus the unnecessary need to consume food. 

Although Sun Gazers could be obtaining some benefits from the sun they seriously are missing the point of the Light and the Sun's beneficial rich sources.

Absorbing the Light has been grossly misinterpreted in film "Eat the Sun".

"Light" - Kabbalah means "receiving." It is referencing Light as the receiving of fulfillment in our life, which is the conduit of God's Light. The basis of Creation is the Will to receive, which is created by expansion of the Upper Light. The Kabbalah term for "Light" is synonymous with bestowing and giving of Love as associated with The Creator - God. So, the Light creates the will to receive (our desire) and to be filled (our need) with the Light "Love.http://www.kabbalah.com/about/what-is-kabbalah

Yes, we need the Solar energy. No, we mustn't stare at the sun to receive useful nutrition and benefits. Our skin is our largest organ. It is designed to absorb the richness of solar energy thus providing healing and nutritional benefits from the sun. Abstaining from food for lengthy periods or consuming small portions of healthier foods will increase a deeper sense of spiritual oneness and improve our overall well-being. Whereas, over consumption of food or repetition of the same food day after day, weighs us down and triggers numerous health imbalances and generates toxicity plus induced poor levels of an adequate variety of nutrients that are required for healthy bodily functions. 

Solar Nutrition - chronobiological time determined consumption of foods (during specifics time of day) intended towards maximizing both assimilation and utilization of the sun's solar energy source that is absorbed by all living plants and animals. Our food choices are best utilized and consumed during the time frame in which that plant or animal absorbed the sun's nutrients and energy. 

Foods grown high in the trees absorb the morning sun, thus are ideal foods for breakfast. Afternoon foods are those food sources which include four-legged animal flesh and all plants above the ground. Ideally, our evening food consumption would be roots, tubers, fish, seaweed and that which absorbs the energy of the sun at night after penetrating the ground or oceans and lakes.

Solar Health - Chronobiotics is the relationship of foods to our internal organs, glands, tissues, muscles and the nervous system at specified times of the day, determined by the position of the sun relative to the earth. Each of our organs respond to the nutritional potency or harmful chemicals contained within our food choices. The outcome of health results are directly affected can long or short term. 

We can indirectly absorb solar energy; however, we gain greater benefit from the sun's energy when we adhere to Solar Nutrition, which is necessary for our health and well-being. Solar Nutrition is naturally designed to increase energy, reduce undesirable weight and improve overall poor health conditions. When foods and herbs are eaten in their optimum Zone time they manifest as the rich nutrition and incredible healing.

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