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CALL for SPECIALS - Naturopathic Healing * Holistic Nutrition * Homeopathy * Health Coach * Colon Cleansing & Parasite Elimination Program * Detox: Body, Colon, Liver, Parasites, Yeast * Flushes: Gall Bladder, Kidney  * Cleanses:  Blood, Skin 

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Naturopathic & Intuitive Wellness Consultation
Nutrition Consultation
Massage therapy / Myofascial Release Therapy
Ear Candling / Auriculotherapy
Energy Clearing and Balancing
Mind-Body Cellular Transformation

Therapeutic, Sports / Deep Tissue, or Relaxation, Swedish or Chakra balancing.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY consists of therapy treatment to reduce pain and blockages in areas of discomfort, especially the connective tissue and muscular.

ENERGETIC CELLULAR CLEARING - clears past issues and improves energy flow.

MASSAGE - HOLIDAY SPECIALS - purchase valid through DEC 22, 2018

Session times available:
45 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes


MFR First session includes overview and MFR treatment 75 minutes

MFR Follow-up sessions 50 min.

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Consultation $20.00 OFF Initial One-hour consultation. Valid prepay purchase available Nov-Dec 2019
Phone 817.642.3014 to request your special web site discount offer.
Sessions available in office or by phone.

30 or 45 minutes for mini intro or follow-up
60 minute initial consultation
90 minute personalized consultation
2 hour in-depth consultation



- Reduces Congestion, Sinus discomfort and improves some hearing blockage.

What to expect - Gentle extraction as the flame burns air sucks debris particles and excess wax from the ear. I use one drop of anti-fungal / anti-bacterial oil administered into the ear followed by gentle massage of exterior Eustachian tubal area, neck and throat, which aid in clearing the ear canal.

Plus - Suggestions for beneficial dietary changes to quicken reduction in causing the problem.

Session length is one-hour for two candles, one in each ear.

Extra Candles $8.00 ea.


CONTACT to schedule your discount session with Dr. Suzanne Joy Stuart, PhD ND b.healthy4.life@earthlink.net


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Equally and more effective than a colonic.

15  Day Program will improve your health and life.

Amazing consistent positive results

Eliminate toxic food waste matter and gas,

Reduce belly bloat and pain.

Better and More effective then Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Safe
  • Gentle
  • Non-laxative
  • Non-invasive
  • At home internal hygiene care

For nearly 25 years, I have been providing my patients with Colon Hydrotherapy. During those years I consistently searched and researched for a safer more friendly usable approach for healthy clearing of waste matter and gas.  Your body’s large intestine the “garbage disposal” is designed to engage in a healthy bowel movement following each meal.  Colon Cleansing Detox provides a healthy and safe daily elimination of waste matter for faster wellness improvement.


Colon Cleansing Detox is an effective and powerfully positive gentle flushing of toxic fecal matter, gas, belly bloat and parasites from the large intestinal tract.

The colon is 5-7 feet long and could be accumulating years of old decaying waste matter and parasites.


Goals - to reverse belly ailments while improving your overall health with Safe, Gentle, Non-laxative, Non-invasive, home internal hygiene for health & weight loss.             

Program includes

Nutritional guidance to reverse bowel ailments

Gentle non-laxative herbs for fecal, gas and parasite elimination

Digestive and elimination counseling

Healthy dietary changes increases faster results


SESSION – Consultation & products --- 

The session includes your sixty-minute initial consultation and three products for beginning the Colon Cleansing Detox program.

On the Detox program, your body will begin to eliminate unhealthy bowel waste matter / fecal, gas and eventually parasites.  All this helps to reduce belly bloat, pain, weight, toxins and much more – see Colon Cleansing Brochure.

  • Temporary 21 day dietary guidance
  • Healthy nutritional awareness for your digestion and elimination
  • Herbal Supplements for 15 days to aid in the elimination of old, odorous and concreted feces and gas.
  • Follow-up phone calls to discuss and assist in the 15-day process.

$40.00 Discount    Special   Nov-Dec  2019 

Colon Cleansing Detox could be the perfect solution for you, to reverse these ailments, lose weight and Feel Great!

Appointments Mon-Sat.   Thank you.



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