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There are a minimum of 46,358,968,720 different body types.
So, why is everyone invariably medically treated the same?

By: Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart, PhD. N.D.

Inadequate nutrition and poor elimination will be your demise. The majority of health problems are rooted in an unhealthy Colon. Poor health (including colds) is no one's fault but your own. When you take responsibility for your own actions health problems will diminish and optimum health will be your reward. Don't rate your health to your age. Illness and disease do not come about from the body' chronological aging; it originates from the personal treatment we provide or neglect. Too much of a good thing will eventually destroy one's health. Remember everything in moderation.


Let us consider the numerous health problems that are plagued as a result of poor fecal elimination. Consider the following unhealthy problems: abdominal bloating, gas, body odor, bad breath, poor digestion, fatigue, lower back pain, gall bladder discomfort (and possible miss-diagnoses,) skin blemishes, irritations and advanced wrinkles, chronic illness (including colds, flu, bladder infections, prostate problems, vaginal discomfort and yeast infections,) muscular and joint discomfort especially in the knees and back, inability to sleep well, and blurred vision. Of course there are numerous conditions caused by an overloaded toxic Colon. Some problems are: break down of the immune system, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, liver and kidney toxicity, migraine headaches, appendicitis, bladder infections, dark circles under the eyes, skin conditions, arthritis, chronic irritability, allergies and much more. A distended abdominal region is a sure indication of excessive fecal matter and gas. Thus the onset of continued poor health.

Fecal impaction provide a medium on which toxic bacteria can survive. The toxic material is unhealthy because the toxicity is reabsorbed into the blood stream causing a poisonous condition to the body known as auto-ntoxication. Various health problems will arise as toxins consistently accumulate from continued poor elimination and lack of bowel movements. In addition, we recommend testing for accumulation of your mineral imbalances levels and harmful toxic metals.

Besides belly bloat filled with gas, fecal matter and parasites, the auto-intoxication accumulated in the large intestine / colon, especially excreting from the intestinal walls into other body regions (cells, tissues organs, etc) may contribute or potentially cause numerous health maladies and increase the aging process, foggy memory, low libido, fatigue, back or chest pain and much more discomforts.

The primary contributing results of fecal impaction is diet, stress, lack of physical exercise and the use of antibiotics (they remove the healthy intestinal flora.) When your eating habits include few too little high moisture foods (vegetables and fruits,) a lack of adequate healthy water and much dry, devitalized and processed foods constipation and or diarrhea begins to take place. Did you know that more Colon related problems occur in America than anywhere else? The "all American diet" leaves much to be desired. Too many of our foods have been striped of fiber and healthy nutrients. The vitamin enriched food is one where the fiber, lecithin, vitamins and minerals have been removed while bleaching the flour to be attractive "white" followed by some outside vitamins are added. This devitalized food contains calories and fat without much healthy nutritional benefit. When we endure mental and emotional stress we create physical stress generally through poor eating habits. Poor eating habits and over eating in conjunction with the "couch potato" life style is a sure winner in large intestinal problems.

Unfortunately, many persons believe that when abdominal discomfort occurs and hard, dark bowel movements result the best solution is a laxative. This is the worst answer to a persisting health problem. Overuse of laxatives is a guarantee towards a prolapsed colon. A prolapsed Colon is when the transverse portion of the Colon has physically become lazy and dropped down. One can view this on many people who appear to have a dropped belly. Regular use of laxatives will create increased colon problems. Colon Irrigation Therapy, enemas, improvement in nutrition in conjunction with exercise will further enhance the regeneration and strengthening of the transverse portion of the large intestine. The Colon must learn to operate on it's own and not with the AID of poisons found in laxatives.

A misshapen Colon may contribute to secondary health ailments. A prolapsed transverse Colon may apply pressure to the uterus, causing uterine pain, menstrual cramps and ovarian pain. The transverse Colon may also sit on the bladder creating urinary incontinence. The hepatic flexure - the bending point of the ascending and transverse colon (on the right side of the body) may press against the gallbladder and liver causing in adequate function. Diarrhea, constipation, gas and spastic colon are additional results of a misshapen Colon. It is unreasonable to believe that a drug, supplement or even possible surgery will permanently resolve the damage. Elimination of old fecal matter (not just days old, but most likely weeks and months old along with years of encrusted cemented fecal matter adhering to the walls of the large intestine allows for parasites to feast upon.

There is no quick way to correct Colon problems. An unhealthy Colon must be clean and free from the constant putrefaction, fermentation and constant accumulation of toxins. Colon Irrigation Therapy along with both light exercise and proper nutritional changes will allow for the body's regeneration and rebuilding of healthy cells and tissues towards improving one's health. The large intestine must regain peristaltic movement.

Consider a comparison of your body's large intestine and the garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. When you place food in the disposal, how long do you wait prior to turning on the water and flipping the switch? What would happen if you neglected to follow through with that procedure? Do you suppose eventually odor would emanate, the old food would begin to stick to the disposal and bugs would settle in? The same parallel is similar to your personal disposal. Your Colon must expel feces, debris and other waste matter from the body. You too will have bad breath and flatulence, hard, dry dark stools potentially difficult to pass and parasites will set up house keeping. It is imperative for the body to have bowel movements after nearly every meal. If we fail to eliminate the old matter debilitating health will occur. Infants consume mother's milk and or food (once they have teeth) and shortly thereafter a bowel movement occurs. It is the body's normal healthy autonomic response to take food in and push fecal out. If you are eating three meals a day with some snacks than your body needs to be eliminating two - three times a day. If you are retaining excessive fecal matter the result proves to be miserably uncomfortable.


So, you ask, what is a healthy bowel movement? When your diet is balanced with correct food combining, plenty of healthy fluids, especially the "best" water and some physical activity your Colon will function in a normal healthy manner. You will in fact have more than one bowel movement per day and you will feel fabulous. Your BM is healthy when it easily passes from the anal sphincter is twelve to eighteen inches long one solid piece (not fragmented,) about one inch to one and one-half inch in diameter, light golden brown in color, is odorless, and floats in the basin. Anything other than this is a sure indication of poor health, poor diet and potential chronic discomfort. At Naturally Balanced Health we promise to provide you with all the tools and knowledge towards a healthier Colon and life style.


Colon Therapy or reshaping involves altering the actual poorly shaped Colon. Unhealthy Colons will have kinks, blockages, knots, balloons, twists, lack of muscle tone, excessive spasticity or enlargements and hemorrhoids. Colon Irrigation Therapy will enhance the strengthening of the Colon while eliminating old toxic matter.

Colonic Irrigation and enemas are different. Colonics are more effective than enemas because the purified water will travel further into the intestine thus irrigation of the fecal matter, debris flatulence and parasites. An enema only allows for a limited amount of water to be held within the descending colon region then expelled. Colon Irrigation is a more effective process. The water is consistently and gently flows into your colon, thereby softening the old hard, odorous fecal matter while eliminating aged flatulence and mucous.

At Naturally Balanced Health we use the Angel of Water, gravity flow Colon irrigation machine. Angel of Water cleansing system is classified a type two medical grade and of the most gentle systems of Colon therapy equipment available. The machine is designed for cleansing and reshaping the Colon. We use ALL hygienic and disposable tubes. The water administered to the body enters a triple purification system to provide the patient with the purest possible water. You are invited to visit us to view equipment and gain additional information regarding the Angel of Water Colon Hydro-therapy system.

During the therapy session the patient will be educated in nutrition for a healthier Colon and life style. Foot reflexology, abdominal massage and knee reflex zone therapy will be administered. Following the conclusion of the session you shall receive a nutritional electrolyte beverage and high potency probiotic to further enhance your large intestinal flora. This shall provide your Colon to eliminate unhealthy bacteria while improving healthy bacteria and natural healthy flora. We educate you on provisions of taking control of your health, diet recommendations between sessions and literature to further enhance your advancement towards optimum health. Your health is guaranteed to improve and you will feel terrific after each healing session.

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Suggested reading: Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management by Bernard Jensen, Colon Health by Norman W. Walker and Guess What Came To Dinner by Ann Louise Gittleman


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