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A list of persons who have lived 100-256 years is listed below. Longest recorded American:
Zaro Aga, 164, d. 1932, USA.

List of Centurians ages 103 to 256. Details on web site at end of list.

Always maintain a happy loving heart, a healthy mental and emotional attitude, consume food in small portions only when you are hungry, meditate, enjoy light physical activity - yoga, stretching, tai chi, dance, exercise, etc. and you shall manifest and endure a healthier longer life.

Herbal remedies to support longevity and youthfulness include healing the adrenal glands, nehancing memory, restoring health with RNA Ribonucleic Acid and Cortisol Control (which also helps alleviate bloated abdominal weight)

For many people the idea of getting old is devastating. When we consider the aging process we believe that includes an aging debilitating body. Instead, we must consider that with aging comes wisdom, a greater opportunity to enlighten and enhance all that you know and yet shall come to learn. Getting old is what we do to ourselves. Getting older is the gift we give to ourselves. Considering the wonder of a high quality potent herbal support Amazon VITALITY

Physiologically the human body can live for two centuries. Most people accept that more as fiction than fact. Even the Bible indicates lengthy life spans; perhaps people lived and ate healthier. Certainly, Biblical people did not indulge in chips, ice cream, fast foods, or foods containing preservatives, additives, artificial ingredients or colorings, etc. Think about your own lifestyle and consider the daily abundance of unhealthy foods you consume. Electrical equipment, radiation, chemicals and pollutants were non-existent during both Biblical and pre-Biblical years. Thus, the people were not plagued with ill health and death much as we are in this millennium. Reading, for those who learned, prayer and meditation were generally daily manifestations and beliefs.

“For decades, researchers all over the world have reported “centenarian communities” in Ecuador, the Soviet Union, Pakistan, Mexico, Asian countries and other regions where unusually large numbers of individuals evidence extreme longevity beyond 115.” These centenarians are generally mentally alert and physically able. “Thousands of cases beyond 115 have been reported.” Unfortunately the life expectancy in most civilized countries tend to be lower, the United States being one of the lowest. The result of fast unhealthy foods, lack of peace of mind, greed, a fast paced lifestyle and unhealthy environments and chemically treated foods all take part in the shortened life span. “It is clear that what determines the quality of life also have a profound influence upon the quantity of life.”

Dr. Stuart can assist you with a healthy regime to complete restore a more positive health and youthful you. Learn what is best suited for your body to maintain youthfulness and retard aging.


According to a close friend, of twenty years, (she is currently 85 years old) Dr. Norman W. and Mrs Walker -
Dr. Norman W. Walker, D Sc. was born in Jan 28 1867. He passed on in 1985 at his home in Cottonwood AZ.

Dr. Walker was born in England and resided in Germany prior to relocating to the US. He spoke and wrote seven languages. He wrote some articles for magazines: Lets Live and Bestways. Much was written while in Europe.

The New York Times, Saturday, May 6, 1933.

“Keep Quiet heart, Sit Like a Tortoise, Sleep Like a Dog,” His advice for a Long Life.

Inquiry Put Age At 256.

Reported to have buried 23 wives and had 180 descendents – sold herbs for first 100 years.

Peiping, May 5 – Li Ching-Yun, a resident of Kaihsien, in the Province of Szechwan, who contended that he was one of the world’s oldest men and said he was born in 1736 – which would make him 197 years old – died today.

A Chinese dispatch from Chungking telling of Mr. Li’s death said he attributed his longevity to peace of mind and that it was his belief every one could live at least a century by attaining inward calm.

Compared with estimates of Li Ching-yun’s age in previous reports from China the above dispatch is conservative. In 1930 it was said Professor Wu Chung-chien, dean of the department of Education in Minkuo University, had found records showing Li was born in 1677 and that Imperial Chinese Government congratulated him on his 150th and 200th birthdays.

A correspondent of The New York Times wrote in 1928 that many of the oldest men in Li’s neighborhood asserted their grandfathers knew him as boys and that he was then a grown man.

According to the generally accepted tales told in his province. Li was able to read and write as a child, and by his tenth birthday had traveled in Kansu, Shansi, Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria gathering herbs. For the first hundred years he continued at this occupation. Then he switched to selling herbs gathered by others.

Wu Pei-fu, the warlord, took Li into his house to learn the secret of living to 250. Another pupil said Li told him to “keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.”

According to one version of Li’s married life he had buried away twenty-three wives and was living with his twenty-four, a woman of ’60.’ Another account, which in 1928 credited him with 180 living descendents, comprising eleven generations, recorded only fourteen marriages. This second authority said his eyesight was good; also, that the finger nails of his right hand were very long, and “long” for a Chinese might mean longer than any finger nails ever dreamed of in the United States.

One statement of The Times correspondent which probably caused skeptical readers to believe Li was born more recently that 1677, was that “many who have seen him recently declare that his facial appearance is no different from that of persons two centuries his junior.”

The Longest Recorded Lives
The following individuals have achieved longevity in excess of 100 years. The names are in chronological order by age. Further details are given in Appendix I. listed in web site below this list

MORE DETAILS - http://custance.org/Library/SOTW/APPENDIXES/App_I.html

Maude Tall, 103 in 1975, Los Angeles, USA
Isabel Mendieta, 103 in 1973, Vilcabamba
Anna Schwab, 104 in 1972, Ohio, USA
Micaela Quezacla, 104 in 1976, Vilcabamba
John Walker, 104 in 1969, Ontario, Can.
Frances Johnson, 107, d.1832, Jamaica
Robert Thomas, 107, d. 1821, Fairfax Co., USA
Emma Mills, 108 in 1973, Ontario, Can.
Mary Holoboff, 108, d. 1942, British Columbia, Can.
Thomas Robinson, 110, d.1970, Ontario, Can.
Elizabeth Lambe, 110, d. 1830, West Indies
Astana Shlarba, 110 in 1966, Georgia, USSR
Jim Ho, 111 in 1976, Prince Edward Island, Can.
Spencer Church, 111 in 1961, Ontario, Can.
Ada Roe, 111, d. 1970, England
John Turner, 111, d. 1968, England
Caesar Paul, 112 in 1975, Ontario, Can.
Mittelstedt, 112, d. 1792, Prussia
Francis Hongo, 113, d. 1702, Venice
Arma Darendonian, 113, d. 1972, France
Annie Firlotte, 113 in 1954, New Brunswick, Can.
Gabriel Sanchez, 113 in 1976, Vilcabamba
Amina Orujeva, 114 in 1967, Azerbaijan, USSR
Zibeida Sheidayeva, 114 in 1974, Azerbaijan, USSR
Teb Sharmat, 115 in 1966, Abkhasia, USSR
Murtee, Johnny, 115, d.1976, Australia
Walter Williams, 117, d. 1959, Texas, USA
Mary Mills, 118, d.1805, West Indies
Mr. C. Cotterel, 120, d. 1760?, Philadelphia, USA
Jane Morgan, 120, d. 1830, Jamaica
Mary Goodsall, 120, d.1820, Jamaica
Mrs. Gray, 121, d. 1770, Kent, England
Charles Layne, 121, d. 1821, Virginia, USA
Rev. Toby Crosby, 122, d. 1976, Florida, USA
Sabir Kurbonadaov, 122 in 1973, Tajik Republic, USSR
John Gilley, 123, d. 1813, Maine, USA
Noah Raby, 123, d. 1895, New Jersey, USA
Demetrius Liondos, 123 in 1970, Greece
Thomas Wishart, 124, d. 1760, Dumfries, Scodand
Francisco Rubjo, 124, d. 1943, Mexico
Attila, the Hun, 124, d. 453?, Germany
Sylvester Magee, 126 in 196?, Missouri, USA
Mary Yates, 127, d. 1776, England
Miguel Carpio, 127 in 1976, Vilcabamba
Eglebert Hoff, 128, d. 1764, New York, USA
Ephriam Zithundu Zulu, 130, d. 1975, South Africa
Margaret Darby, 130, d. 1821, Jamaica
Francis Peat, 130, d. 1830, Jamaica
Ramonotowane Seran, 130, d. 1945, Bechuanaland, Africa
Balakishi Orujeva, 130 in 1967, Azerbaijan, USSR
Peter Garden, 131, d. 1775, Edinburgh, Scotland
Mathayo Achungo, 132, d. 1976, Kenya, Africa
Gabriel Erazo, 132 in 1976, Vilcabamba
Charlie Smith, 133 in 1976, Florida, USA
Henry Francisco, 134, d. 1820, New York, USA
Beim Mekraliyeva, 134 in 1966, Azerbaijan, USSR
Anton Pilya, 135, d. 1965, Georgia, USSR
Nicholas Petours, 137, d. 1775?, Germany
Juan Moroygota, 138 in 1828, Columbia, South America
Gentleman, 140 in 1838, South America
Lasuria Khfaf, 140 in 1974, Azerbaijan, USSR
Meclahig Agayev, 140 in 1976, Azerbaijan, USSR
William Hotchluss, 140, d. 1895, St. Louis, USA
Jose David, 142 in 1973, Vilcabama
Hilario Pari, 143, d. 1807?, Lima, Peru
Jean Effingham, 144, d. 1757, Cornwall, England
Countess of Desmond, 145, d. 1619, England
Joseph Bam, 146, d. 1821, Jamaica
Bridget Devine, 147, d. 1845, England
Catherine Hiatt, 150, d. 1831, Jamaica
Unnamed Lady, 150, d. 1894, France
C. Jacobsen Drakenberg, 150, d. 1772, Denmark
Mahmoud Nivazov, 150 in 1959, Azerbaijan, USSR
Judith Crawford, 151, d. 1829, Jamaica
G. Stanley, 151, d. 1719, England
Thomas Parr, 152, d. 1635, England
Thomas Newman, 153, d. 1542, England
Asmar Salakhova, 154 in 1966, Soviet Armenia
Iwan Yorath, 156, d. 1621, Wales
A Peasant, 157, d. 1800?, Poland
Sampson Skakoragaro, 158 in 1969, Tanzania, Africa
Robert Lynch, 160, d. 1830, Jamaica
Joseph Surrington, 160, d.?, Norway
Zaro Aga, 164, d. 1932, USA
Sarah Desson Rovin, 164, d. 1741, England
Jonas Warren, 167, d. 1787, Ireland
Shirali Mislimov, 168, d. 1973, Azerbaijan, USSR
Ali Ashraf Husseini, 168 in 1976, Iran
Javier Pereira, 169, d. 1958, Columbia, S.A.
Henry Jenkins, 169, d. 1670, England
John Rovin, 172, d. 1741, England
John Gower, 172, d. ?, England
Jean Korin, 172, d. ?, Hungary
A Negress, 174 in 1775, South America
Baba Harainsingh, 176 in 1952, India
Elizabeth Yorath, 177, d. 1668, England
Kentigren, 185, d. 600, Scotland
Peter Torton, 185, d. 1724, England
Petrarsh Zartan, 187, d. 1724, Hungary
Gentleman, 192, d. 1895?, Vera Cruz, Mexico
Gentleman, 207, d. 1500?, England
Li Chang-Yun, 256, d. 1933, China - Newspaper Article in NY Times May 1933.

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