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Heartburn is an uncomfortable physical reaction occurring in the stomach. This is the result of too much hydrochloric acid, used by the stomach to digest one's food, backs up into the esophagus, this contributes and causes the sensitive tissues to become irritated. The esophagael sphincter muscle is designed to pinch itself closed preventing the stomach acid from surging upward. Unfortunately, when the esophageal sphincter muscle is malfunctioning acid seeps into the esophagus, gastro esophageal reflux.

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Heartburn is generally the result of incorrect food combining, such as meat and potatoes, and an excessive consumption of alcohol, chocolate, citrus fruits, coffee, tomato-based foods, overindulgence of the fatty foods, fried foods or spicy foods and sodas. Incorrect food combining of too many acid-forming foods will generally contribute to and or cause heartburn. Acid forming foods are meats and all animal products, flour, especially bleached and unbleached white flour, sweets and salted foods, too much processed and over-cooked foods can also enhance an acidic environment within your body. Raw foods are the healthiest.

Additional contributing factors to Heartburn include aspirin and ibuprofen, synthetic estrogens that tend to weaken the esophageal hiatus muscle. Birth control pills that contain these synthetic estrogen and progesterone are more likely to contribute to Heartburn. Consuming food three hours or less prior to bedtime may also contribute to heartburn.

Dietary changes are your best solution to eliminate Heartburn and prevent yourself from Cancer of the esophagus or other serious health related ailments. In fact, if you already have Cancer your body probably has excessive levels of acid in the system. For optimum health and reduction of heartburn consume a diet rich in alkaline forming foods (primarily fresh Raw vegetables and fruits) with plenty of cultured foods such as kefir, yogurt and miso soup.

Besides dietary alterations we recommend gentle herbs such as Aloe Vera juice, which seriously aids and heals the stomach and intestinal tract. Ginger root tea, slippery elm tea, catnip and fennel, peppermint and spearmint tea, or marshmallow tea serve to benefit the situation. Eat fresh papaya and their seeds in the morning or pineapple in the evening has healing effects as well. Consume more vegetables, especially RAW. Chew your food well, at least 32 times per mouthful, eat slowly, bless and enjoy your food. Slowly sip one tablespoon of raw, preferably organic, apple cider vinegar mixed with pure water. This is a wonderful antidote for indigestion as well. Vitamin B complex and B12 are essential for healthy proper digestion and reduced internal stress.

Avoid all beans, fatty dairy products, bagels, and all white flour products, cabbage, dried fruits, all onions except for scallions. Red meats, caffeine, sodas, sugars, refined and processed foods, fatty and fried foods all must be eliminated to enhance quality health and prevent additional health problems.

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