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Please note that the information contained herewith is not meant to replace specialized medical attention pertaining to a particular health issue. Please use your best discretion and confer with your medical physician to determine health treatments to serve your personal healing process. The information contained is general and designed to educate and enlighten you not to replace serious and professional medical attention.


The following information may prove to enhance your health:

Rehabilitation Check Program

"The Primary cause of arterosclerosis  and heart disease is a lesion in the wall of an artery in a region of stress. There are lesions because the arteries are weak. You can't make collagen without using up Vitamin C. Humans don't get enough Vitamin C, so their arteries are weak. A lesion forms, followed by the other stages of developing heart disease. Therefore, deficient intake of Vitamin C is a primary cause of cardiovascular disease." Linus Pauling.

According to Abram Hoffer, MD "Niacin lowers cholesterol." In addition to a healthier diet, raw garlic and or a high quality garlic capsule of a minimum of 800mg. each will assist in lowering cholesterol.

OPTIMUM HEALTH AWARENESS: Be sure to consume a daily diet rich in vegetables and fruits, preferably 50% RAW and 20% to 30% lightly cooked (not fried or breaded.) The 20% of the daily diet shall consist of nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, whole grains, animal proteins, fats and sugars.

Reduce fats to less than 15% of your diet. Limit polyunsaturated (margarine, oils) to less than 10%. Add mono-unsaturated (olive oil, preferably cold pressed, extra virgin, green; avocados, nuts and seeds, preferably plain.)

Eat potassium-rich foods for cardiotonic activity: fresh spinach and chard, broccoli, sea vegetables, molasses, cantaloupe, apricots, papayas, mushrooms, tomatoes, yams, bananas. Or take a high potassium drink regularly, such as potassium broth. A serving of high potassium fruits or vegetables provide about 100 to 200 mg of potassium whereas a serving of potassium drink is 1000-1250 mg. Kelp is another source of high potassium. Vegetables are a primary key to prime health.

Sodium depletes potassium levels in the body. Best to consume foods with high levels of sodium, such as sea vegetables, yams, dried fruits including soaked prunes, and a small amount of fresh ripe bananas (not advisable for A Blood type.)

Eat plenty of complex carbohydrates: broccoli, peas, whole grain breads unbleached whole vegetable pasta, potatoes, sprouts, tofu and brown rice.

Have several servings of cold water fish or sea fish every week for high omega 3 oils.

Have a fresh green salad every day. Iceberg is the worst choice, all others are beneficial for optimum health.

Add miso and oat or rice bran to your diet regularly.

Have a glass of white wine or organic white grape juice before dinner, for relaxation and enhanced digestion. Eat a small amount of pineapple after dinner, this is a natural  bromelain digestive aid.

For healthy heart regulation eat magnesium-rich foods: tofu, wheat germ, bran broccoli, potatoes, lima beans, spinach, chard, garlic, onions.

Eat copper-rich foods for clear arteries: oysters, clams, crab, fish, brewers yeast, fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes and herbs.

Eat high fiber foods for a clean system and alkalinity: whole grains (no bleached or refined grains,) fruits and vegetables, legumes and herbs.


Less than 10% of total daily caloric intakes from fats, this includes ALL animal protein.70% of calories must be from complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits and seaweeds. 

Consume 20 %  calories from low fat animal protein sources; instead consume slightly more plant based non-saturated fats, which include avocados, nuts, grains, legumes, beans, etc. 

Maintain a total cholesterol level below 160.

A healthy heart diet has plenty of magnesium and potassium rich foods: fresh greens, sea vegetables, pitted fruits, sea foods and fish, tofu, brown rice and whole grains, garlic and onions.

Make a mix and take 2 TBS. Daily

Lecithin granules

Toasted wheat germ

Brewers yeast (golden)

Chopped sea vegetables


Pay attention to omitting red meats, caffeine and caffeine and caffeine containing foods (chocolate, cocoa, cacao foods and sodas) refined sugars and grains, fatty, salty and fried foods, prepared meats, smoked meats, all soft drinks. The rewards are worth the effort.

Vitamin C is essential for a healthy heart. Linus Pauling stated that persons deficient in Vitamin C are at greater risk for heart problems. The Vitamin C aids in synthesis of protein collagen an important substance that holds the human body together. Large daily doses of Vitamin C are imperative for both prevention and healing. The 60 mg RDA amount is incredibly too low to have much effect. Most persons certainly do not acquire enough Vitamin C from their food intake. Foods high in Vitamin C are fruits and vegetables. Supplementation is highly recommended along with Niacin to enhance health.

Drink at least 1 cup of mineral water daily (chlorinated and fluorinated water destroys Vitamin E in the body)

Add the following to your diet almonds, brewer's yeast, grains, raw goats milk and goats milk products and sesame seeds.

Minimize your intake of Vitamin D; do not obtain from dairy products, these are high in fat. Consumption of too much dairy will contribute to clogged arteries. Products that have been homogenized, such as milk and other dairy products must be avoided. These homogenized products currently contain the enzyme xanthine oxidase, which damages the arteries and leads to arteriosclerosis.

Refrain from alcohol use or at best, drink only small amounts of white wine. When drinking alcohol, Avoid cod liver oil. Coffees, colas, tobacco (tobacco constricts circulation) and other stimulants must be eliminated. Refrain from smoking, smoking stresses the heart.

Barley water is beneficial. Boil one cup of barley in six pints of water for three hours. Sip barley water throughout the day for its health benefits.Avoid - red meats, highly spiced foods, sugars or white flour. Refined sugars produce adverse reactions in all the cells by causing wide variations in blood sugar. Hypoglycemic drops in the blood sugar, causing dangerous instability in the vital intracellular sugar levels which follows with high surges.

Sensible, moderate exercise for healthy circulation and proper diet with nutritional supplements can prevent arteriosclerosis of the coronary arteries and mycardial infraction.

Drink steam-distilled or distilled spring water only for healthier toxin elimination.


Diet is the single most influential key to heart health. In general, refined, high fat and high calorie foods create cardiovascular problems, and natural foods relieve them. Fried foods, salty foods, sugar, low fiber foods, pasteurized dairy products, red meats and processed meats, tobacco, hard liquor, lack of sufficient vegetables and fruits, caffeine, and carbonated beverages all contribute to clogged and reduced arteries, LDL9 ("bad") cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart attacks. Almost all circulatory disease can be treated and prevented with improvement in diet and nutrition. You can carve out health with your own knife and fork.

The following diet is for long-term heart and circulatory health. It's easy to live with and has all the necessary elements to keep arteries clear, and heart action regular and strong. It emphasizes fresh, high moisture, whole grain fiber foods, and high mineral foods with plenty of potassium and magnesium, oxygen-rich foods from green vegetables, sprouts, vegetable source proteins, and wheat germ. Wheat germ oil can possibly raise the oxygen level of the heart as much as 30%. Conscious attention must be paid at first to avoid red meats, caffeine, fried and fatty foods, soft drinks, refined pastry, salty foods and prepared meats, the rewards are high with a longer, healthier life.

On Rising: take a high protein or high vitamin/mineral drink such as Pure Lean protein powder in water, vegetable juice.

Breakfast: Make a mix of 2TBS each of lecithin granules, wheat germ, brewer's yeast, honey and sesame seed. Sprinkle 2 tsp. every morning on fresh fruits, such as apricots, peaches, apples or nectarines, or mix with yogurt. Remember to rotate foods.And/or have a poached or baked egg with bran muffin (prepared with honey or molasses) or whole grain toast and kefir cheese; or some whole grain cereal (with juice, rice or soy milk) or pancakes with a little maple syrup (be certain it is pure maple syrup>)

Mid-morning: have a green drink or chlorella, a potassium drink or natural V-8 with molasses or some natural green drink.And/or some crunchy raw fruits or vegetables with kefir cheese or yogurt dip and/or cup of miso soup with sea vegetables snipped on top.

Lunch: have a cup of fenugreek tea with additions one teaspoon honey, 1 tsp. wheat germ oil,one tsp. lecithin granules or liquid.Eat a tofu and spinach salad with sprouts and bran muffin.Or eat a high protein salad or sandwich with nuts and seeds with a black bean or lentil soup; or an avocado or low fat cheese (preferably goat;) or soy cheese on whole grain bread;or a seafood and whole grain pasta salad with a light tomato sauce;or a light veggie omelet and small green salad;or some grilled or braised vegetables with olive oil dressing and brown rice.

Mid-afternoon: have a cup of mint tea or tonic tea and/or a cup of miso soup with a hard-boiled egg or whole grain crackers or a glass of carrot juice or V-8.

Dinner: have a broccoli quiche with a whole grain chapatti crust and a cup of onion soup or baked seafood dish with brown rice and peas or a whole grain and steamed vegetables and tofu casserole and oriental stir-fry with light soup and rice OR grilled fish or seafood and a small green salad and baked potato OR rice OR salmon or veggie soufflé with a light sauce and green vegetable salad; a little white wine before dinner is fine. Avoid commercial antacids that neutralize natural stomach acid, and invite the body to produce even more acid, thus aggravating stress and tension.

Later evening - have another cup of miso soup, or cup of VEGEX yeast paste broth, apple, pear, and pineapple or chamomile tea.

Be certain to consume large quantities of vegetables (70% of daily diet) and fruits daily. Drink plenty of distilled water and fresh juices.

POTASSIUM JUICE is the single most effective juice for cleansing, neutralizing acids, and rebuilding the body. It is a blood and body tonic to provide rapid energy and system balance.Juice in a juicer a blend of 3 ounces each: Carrot, Parsley, Celery and Spinach; Add 1 to 2 tsp. of Bragg's Liquid Amino Acid.

If you do not have a juicer or prefer a broth, create a POTASSIUM BROTH. It isn't as concentrated or pure as vegetable juice, however, it's an excellent source of energy, minerals and ectrolytes.

For a 2-day  supply cover with water in a pot: 3 to 4 Carrots, 1/2 bunch Parsley, 2 Potatoes with skins, 1/2 head Cabbage, I Onion, 1.2 bunch of Broccoli, 3 stalks of celery. Simmer covered 30 minutes. Strain and discard solids. Add 2 tsp. Bragg's Liquid Amino Acids or 1 tsp. Miso. Store in refrigerator

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