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Growing and maintaining hair stimulation is a major concern for more than sixty percent of the adult male population and - twenty-five percent of the women.


TOP 3 Concerns:
** Unhealthy Diet: Mineral Imbalances and Insufficient Live Enzymes
** Vitamin deficiencies and Processed foods
** Stress including anxiety and fear.

Consider the "Live Autopsy" lab testing to unravel the mystery and imbalances in your body.

Additional Reasons for Hair Loss:

* Unhealthy Digestion and Elimination
* Hormone imbalance
* Thyroid disease or abnormalities in some cases attributed to unhealthy dietary habits
* Adrenal exhaustion results from inability to cope with stress, too much caffeine and sugars.
* Hypothyroidism
* Poor circulation, acute illness,
* Surgery
* Radiation, chemotherapy drugs
* Metal Toxicity
* Skin disease
* Sudden weight loss
* High fever
* Substance abuse: overindulge or abuse drugs and alcohol
* Hereditary propensity

Stress including anxiety and fear are all prompted by emotions, mental duress, physical burden and an unhealthy consumption mostly consisting of sugars, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol. Vitamin B complex will strengthen the central nervous system aiding as a stress buster. Be sure to take adequate dosages of the B complex vitamins specific for your body type (gland, blood dosha, age, sex, hour of birth etc) Vitamin B assists the body with handling stress. When we endure stress or consume the very sources of foods and beverages that cause stress then our B vitamins are diminished.

Suggestion: The herb tincture Passion flower relaxes the central nervous system and helps during hard stressful times.

Reduce mental, emotional and physical stress through meditation, breathing exercise, quiet time, soft music, yoga, tai chi, falun gong, even light reading, long walks and smooth slow body movements can prove beneficial plus providing philanthropic deeds for others.

Mineral Imbalances are huge contributing factor to hair loss and other health maladies. The mineral testing we provided is liken to a "live autopsy" for it provides detailed insight of an array of underlining health imbalances generated from mineral imbalances and toxic metals. Mineral imbalances are caused by numerous issues: lack of either insufficient mineral rich foods or consuming more cooked foods rather than raw or steamed foods. Cooked foods contain little to no minerals; foods that are heated higher than 118 degrees destroy minerals. Eat raw or steamed foods for the highest potency of minerals. Mineral supplementation can also cause imbalances with other minerals. Simply just taking minerals without knowing your personal imbalances can generate additional health problems. Laboratory mineral and metal analysis is an accurate procedure in determining your personal levels and ratios.

Metal Toxicity will affect you mineral imbalances thus, it is essential to know if your body has absorbed excess mineral toxicity. Toxic metals can be generated from your environment, work conditions, cleaning and industrial chemicals, water, foods and beverages. The foods that contain unnatural chemicals can and will be toxic to the body; these include: baking powder, preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, carcinogens (cancer forming agents like BHT.) Our "live autopsy" mineral /metal testing will provide you with ratios and levels of aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and tin.

Hormone Imbalance includes Other relevant hormones that affect hair loss or growth include the testosterone, estrogen and progesterone levels as well as cortisol, aldesterone and DHEA, all which can may be tested and naturally altered.

Unhealthy Diet creates mineral imbalances, vitamin deficiencies and the lack of sufficient live enzymes. Poor diet is already known to contribute to nearly every health malady. Poor quality foods, foods rich in sugars and chemicals or foods disagreeable for your personal body type (there are 46,358,968,720 body types) add more stress to the hair follicles. Hair follicle receptors then become programmed to slow down or shut down off the hair production. With a poor unhealthy diet the immune system becomes weakened and can mistake hair follicles for a foreign tissue thus attacking and destroying continued healthy growth.

To maintain healthy hair, your hormones must be sufficiently balanced. Testosterone, the prominent male hormone, which also is present in the female body, is one of the most predominant hormones regarding hair growth or lack of. Imbalances of your hormones increase internal stress thus aggravating many facets of your health thus causing hair loss. Have you hormones checked by your physician or we can send you a test kit; for details, e-mail.

Reduce mental, emotional and physical stress through meditation, breathing exercise, quiet time, soft music, yoga, tai chi, falun gong, even light reading, long walks and smooth slow body movements can prove beneficial plus providing philanthropic deeds for others.

Thyroid Disease or abnormalities in some cases attributed to unhealthy dietary habits. Avoid foods that cause thyroid to become sluggish ( i.e. raw cruciferous veggies) or over react.

Adrenal Exhaustion results from inability to cope with stress, caffeine, all sugars and sweeteners ( fresh fruits are OK) , alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse exhaust the adrenals.

Hypothyroidism may be assisted by avoiding grains, refined and processed foods. Do consume plenty of distilled water, kelp seaweed, eat fish, parsley, cilantro, apricots and prunes; raw foods are best. Suggested remedies: L-tyrosine, vitamin B complex; Herbs: bayberry, black cohosh, limited amounts of goldenseal.

Poor circulation may be increased through exercise and physical activities

Acute illness can be improved upon through healthier eating habits. Strengthen your immune system with fresh raw foods (vegetables and fruits sustain life.) Eat a balance of beans, legumes (not peanuts - they are toxic) nuts, seeds, small portions of fish and free-range animal flesh. Avoid dairy (especially if the foods are disagreeable with your body type - there are 46 billion types) and grains they tend to increase mucous and aggravate physical discomfort including unhealthy eliminations. You may also administer appropriate supplements as necessary.

Added stress has been incurred from post Surgery, Radiation or Chemotherapy drugs. Consider colon hydrotherapy, an abundance of raw plant foods, fresh pressed vegetable juicing and distilled water.

Skin Disease or ailment may be generated from improper diet, lack of sufficient water absorption, low levels of necessary vitamins, minerals and supplements for your body type..

Sudden weight loss - may be caused by erratic health change, medication, hormonal imbalance, trauma, depression, mental emotional mood swings and sudden cravings for fatty, rich and sweet foods.

High Fever can generate a sluggish metabolism; it is important to consume healthy foods as soon as comfortably possible.
Substance Abuse: overindulge or abuse drugs and alcohol reduces essential nutrients for good health. Persons whom consume unhealthy foods and experience substance abuse quickly undermine their health by weakening the immune system and generating potential future health problems.

Is hereditary hair loss truly the real reason? NO! Genetics Only indicates that you have the propensity to have the same problems as family members if you consume foods and live your life similar to parents, siblings or other relatives

Hereditary propensity is factual only when your diet and behavior is similar to other family members that have gone before you is the answer might be yes. If your father or grandfather lost their hair you only have the genetic propensity to follow in that same scenario. Alter and improve your dietary habits to consume more than fifty percent raw foods (vegetables and fruits) and limit the amount of grains, starches and meats. When you sincerely feed your body all the necessary minerals, vitamins, amino acids and live enzymes, which are found in only an abundance of raw foods, then you can begin to notice positive changes in your health and hair growth stimulation.

Live enzymes, minerals and other elemental nutrients are essential for a healthy body. Hair loss, as with all topical dissatisfying problems are symptoms of a more deeply rooted underlining health problem.

Reflect and consider what has caused your hair loss.

The elements Calcium, Chlorine, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Silicon and Sodium are much needed for our hair strength and growth. A rich quality and quantity of fresh Alfalfa leaves and alfalfa sprouts or kelp will provide you with essential minerals.

Holistic hair loss remedies can help with thinning and baldness. Once you have determined the root of the problem you can begin to transform and heal. All topical health "symptoms" are a key to the potential harmful unseen ailments.

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