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Ginseng includes: Chinese Kirin Red, Korean White, Siberian, Wild American and Woodsgrown American.

CHINESE KIRIN RED (Panax Ginseng, cured whole root.) - Most stimulating of the Ginsengs. For physical or emotional stress or exhaustion, mild depression, tiredness. Very helpful in older people recuperating from disease or surgery (little appetite, energy and stamina.)
Contraindications: Not for use in pregnancy, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, hyperglycemia or insomnia.

KOREAN WHITE(Panax Ginseng, whole dried root.) - Considered stronger than Siberian ginseng but weaker than American ginseng. Has the same properties as American ginseng. Taken late morning and afternoon.
Contradindications: Not during pregnancy.

SIBERIAN (Eleutherococcus senticious, dried root.) - Substitute for "true" ginseng. It is an adaptogen (a substance that produces a normalizing effect on the body.) Increases strength and endurance, resistance to infection. Useful for those that rely on stimulants, abuse alcohol and drugs, or thrive on plain stress. Taken early afternoon, later afternoon and evening.
Contraindications: Not in pregnancy.

WILD AMERICAN (Panax quinquefolium, whole dried root.) - For emotional and physical stress manifesting as elevated blood sugar (triglycerides) and blood lipids (cholesterol), exhaustion and depression. Use when recuperating from illness or surgery. Taken in late afternoon.
Contraindications: Not in Pregnancy.

WOODSGROWN AMERICAN (Panax quinquefolium, whole dried root.) - The difference between Woodsgrown and Wild ginseng is that Woodsgrown is grown for one year and then transplanted in the forest while Wild ginseng has to sprout from seeds in the forest. Chines value both. Wild is more prized and fetches higher prices.
Contraindications: Not in pregnancy.


Used in Chinese medicine for the previous 4,000 years. The Chinese believe that regular use of eleutherococccus senticous (Siberian Ginseng)will increase longevity, improve digestion, general good health restore memory and concentration.

Beneficial results from Siberian Ginseng:

Adrenal Function - prevent diminishment of the adrenal glands induced by cortisone.

Blood Pressure Regulation - decrease elevated blood pressure by improving states of atherosclerosis. Assists in regulating the heart beat and minimize angina. Will increase blood pressure in states of hypotension apparently due to its ability to enhance adrenal function.

Blood Sugar Regulation - eleuthero will naturally regulate digestive and adrenal related hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar.) Will also increase low blood sugar in the hypoglycemic.

Carcinogensis - inhibits urethane lung adenomas, thyroid tumors, breast tumors and leukemia.

Cholesterol Protectant - lessens the synthesis of LDL's (negative cholesterol.) Helps to lower elevated cholesterol levels.

Kidney Function - will enhance renal efficiency including pyelonephritis.

Pscyological Regulator - proven effective in the treatment of a variety of psychological disturbances such as insomnia, hypochondriasis and nervous exhaustion.

Radiation Protectant - protective and therapeutic actions in those exposed to prolonged x-ray radiation. When eleuthero is combined with antibiotics, the lifetime may dramatically increase.

Stress Control - reduce activation of adrenal cortex in response to stress (alarm phase reaction.) Will prevent stress induced lymphatic congestion.

Thyroid Function - helps to regulate and protect the thyroid.

White Blood Cell Protectant - cells are protected against a variety of toxins.


Ginger Root Tea is a wonderful internal warming remedy, nausea and dizziness:
Boil a sufficient enough tea for two cups of tea. Peel and slice a two inch piece of fresh ginger root. Add sliced ginger root to hot water and steep for twenty minutes. Ready to drink, you may add honey to taste.

Chunks of Ginger Root sweetened with a little honey is a terrific relief from altitude dizziness, especially great to bring during hiking expeditions.

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