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VAGINAL ATROPHY - Holistic Healing Approach

Vaginal atrophy is a series of natural changes which take place in the vagina of women at any age, especially during or following menopause or as their estrogen levels decrease. This condition can also lead to complications in the urinary tract, some of which can become quite serious if they are not addressed.

Atrophic vaginitis, sets in around the time of menopause. As estrogen production declines, the tissues in the vagina become dry, thin, and shrunken. This can cause aches and pains, and it tends to make intercourse unpleasant because suitable lubrication is not available. This can cause a decline in sex drive, which can be a concern for women and their partners. The atrophy can also spread to the urinary tract, leading to difficulty urinating, bloody urine, and other problems.

There are several medical prescription treatments to alleviate vaginal dryness that involve topical and oral estrogens. There are also natural home remedies, dietary supplements and lifestyle changes that can help, as well as over-the-counter lubricants that are natural and help to alleviate symptoms of vaginal dryness.

It is important for you to discuss your symptoms with your GYN doctor to be sure that there aren't other factors causing dryness or pain with intercourse such as infection; tears; allergic reaction to a soap, lubricant or condom; or other medical issue.


(1) Essential to know your mineral imbalances: i.e. -Calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, which directly affect hormonal imbalances: estrogen, estriol, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone. We provide the "Live Autopsy" lab test for these results.

(2) Your Healthy diet based on your body type - gland, blood, dosha, birth time and current imbalances are the first place to start manage symptoms of vaginal dryness. Poor diet and hydration definitely effect vaginal secretions, blood flow and lubricity.

(3) Vaginal lubrication - from blood stream, correct minerals and electrolytes and holistic plant based lubrication.

(4) Staying well hydrated is critical, as well as eating a healthy diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids and proteins.

(5) Foods high in fatty acids - may aid in producing additional vaginal lubrication.

(6) Correct dosage and potency of Vitamin A and B complex supplements and beta-carotene .

(7) Foods high in isoflavones foods - help regulate declining estrogen levels.

(8) Balance of vitamins and minerals - know your personal levels.

(9) Consume appropriate amount of quality water, based on your body type and size, this good for the lining of the vagina.

(10) Regular daily exercise - of cardiovascular activity 3x/wk - Regular exercise helps maintain hormone balance.

Consultation & or Lab test - Dr Sarai Stuart, PhD ND

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