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EAR CANDLING - Auriclotherapy

Ear Candling, is a naturally safe procedure for eliminating the excess wax build-up in the outer ear canal.


Improved hearing
Sinus discomfort Congestion (reduced)
Head colds and discomforts
Hearing disability
Yeast infections
Swimmers Ear
Allergy discomfort
Sore throats

Many people gain relief from Ear Candling. In Europe, especially Germany, Ear Candling is the remedy of choice for cleaning the ear. This natural and gentle procedure is generally more effective than irrigation.

The use of ear candling is a technique that originated with the Egyptians thousands of years ago. The ancient Egyptians used reeds. The Greeks, Chinese, Italians, and Czechoslovakians were soon to follow. Ear candling was one form of applied folk medicines in both Central America and the Appalachian region. Reeds were followed by tightly rolled paper then rolled newspaper. The paper was quickly proven to be dangerous; it could easily become uncontrollable thus burning the patient or therapist. The term Ear Candling was once known as Ear Coning.

Ear Candling is a non-scientifically proven yet quite effective method for cleaning the ears of excess wax build-up. Excessive wax can play havoc with one's hearing or even worse negatively affect the entire ears, nose and throat region. Patients with seasonal congestion, remnants of water residue from washing hair, swimming, showers, or any form of ear aches and pains, allergy discomforts, headaches, colds or sore throats all may gain relief from the application of Ear Candling.

The candles gently suck out cerumen (earwax), fungus, remains of infections and even particles that have attached themselves to the inside of the ear. Old earwax can become impacted and hard thus becoming difficult to remove.
Sometimes the wax must be softened for several days with glycerin, oil of garlic, or any other product beneficial to the ear. When there is dry wax or hard fungal growth, oil of garlic in the ears the day before ear candling may be particularly helpful.

A special blend of oil is most beneficial for the Auriculotherapy portion of the treatment application of Ear Candling. This procedure assists in eliminating or reducing any infection and or fungus. One drop of oil is gently massaged into the ear followed by eustachian therapy.

The hard impacted wax may affect one's hearing. Fluids may gently be released from the middle ear, which allows for drainage down the Eustachian tube thus possibly assisting to reduce further fluid in the inner ear.

The candles we use are the original designed candles equal in wide throughout the entire length of candle.
12 inch high, 1/4 inch wide wrapped gauze muslin that is dipped in beeswax then allowed to dry.
Ideally, it is best to use symmetrically designed straight candles that are unscented. Scented candles create excess smoke, an unhealthy procedure when cleansing the ear, nose and throat chambers. Smoke can aggravate and contribute to health imbalances.

Auriculotherapy and ear candling training is provided by Dr. Sarai Stuart, or you may purchase candles and visual instructions available in DVD or VHS.

Highest Quality AUTHENTIC TUBAL EAR CANDLES $7.49/pair
Individual auriculotherapy ear candling includes eustachian region therapy and anti fungal anti bacterial drops enhances healing in ears.
Complete Session $85.00

Photos of a woman in Mexico receiving Ear Candling with rolled newspaper. This was an original procedure in many areas.

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