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This Page was designed to Assist you in Locating a Qualified Colon Therapist. To Know that the service you are suppose to receive.

Remember, you must not be left alone to tend to your own therapy.


(Texas Details at end)

In the two and half decades of colon therapy, I have encountered and discovered a variety of colon hygienists. Many would be considered highly professional and genuinely concerned with their patient/clients total well being; unfortunately, there are also "therapists" that would be more suited to another profession.

The problem exists within whether the colon therapist is running a business or a service and if they are an I-ACT member tested and certified.

TEXAS State Ruling to legally practice in state of Texas. ALL Persons administering Colon Hydrotherapy as a professional service business must meet the requirements --

1.) Must be enlisted and professional legally ascribed under a Medical Director (Physician) to agree and sign medical Rx prescriptions for clients desiring/needing colon hydrotherapy.

2.) All patients / clients are expected to have a prescription from a medical doctor prior to receiving colonics. If you do not have a physician than your Colon Hydro-therapist will provide the necessary paperwork for you to complete that will be signed an approved by their Medical Director - physician. If the therapist does not have an MD then they are practicing illegally (2004 state ruling by attorney general.)

The Colonic Irrigation Cleansing system is medical equipment therefore; colonics require a prescription for the therapeutic service.

3.) A detailed intake medical questionnaire form is mandatory and required for you to complete prior to colonic session.

4.) The official colon therapist must remain in the treatment room with you to monitor your comfort and needs, the water temperature, providing abdominal massage, intestinal foot reflexology, etc.

5.) The therapist must be I-ACT certified - International Association Colon Hydro-Therapy. Exams for Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced and Instructors are in-depth, with the therapist maintaining an awareness and complete knowledge of anatomy & physiology for digestion and elimination.

Alternatively, there are colon therapists who focus on their business earnings while lacking in healthy business ethics and servicing the patient/client concerns and needs.

What can you expect from a qualified professional colon hydro-therapist? This is your life and health.
Here is some guided insight towards a healthy choice.

1. Inquire about the training and years of experience: training - where, when, length of time.

2. What to expect from the colon therapy session. Obtain details. Is it painful? How long is the session?

3. Is the therapist with you the duration of the session?

4. How to prepare for the session.

5. Ask the therapist to explain the entire approach in the session.

* Here is a basic approach that we apply for our patients/clients.

Prior to a visit, we suggest, if possible, that you visit our office and gain further insight into colon therapy, see the equipment and have the process explained.

Preparing for your First Session

1. Abstain from food two hours prior to colon and beverages one hour prior to your prior colon hydrotherapy session.

WHY to abstain from food or liquid prior to session.

Some people experience toxic overload or are terribly constipated and with the speculum in the anal region and warm water entering the colon (not a normal practice, although similar to the use of an enema) nausea and or vomiting may entail.

The avoidance of food (including gum) and beverage potentially assists the patient/client with an easier session. Having the tube in the anal region may set up a gagging response similar to that of putting your finger down your throat.

There is a direct connection with the mouth/throat and the colon/anal region. Note: a young child does not consume solid food until they have teeth. Chewing sends a message to the colon that food is arriving. The more thoroughly you chew your food the more improved your digestion. Young children take very small bites and chew until their food is liquefied (precisely what people of all ages should do).

2. We suggest that you bring some high-moisture food: apple, celery, grapes, which you may consume following your session.

Initial and follow-up Visits

1. Prior to your session :

A medical Rx must be completed and presented to the medical director for approval prior to your session with for colonic sessions.

The patient/client must complete a complete medical intake health / form prior to the session.

Therapist reviews the paperwork and visits with the patient/client to determine if person is a suitable candidate for colon hydrotherapy services.

2. A beginning of session, the therapist explains the equipment, which is all hygienic and disposable, then instructs the person how to prepare for the session. This is explained even if the person has previously experienced colonics at a different colon hydrotherapy location.

The patient disrobes from the waist down. They are to sit on the machine in a reclining position with their back against the thickly foam pillow brace. Their legs should straddle on either side of the wide basin, and then a large sheet is draped over their body from the waist or chest down to their knees.

3. The therapist leaves the room while the client prepares himself or herself.
Therapist returns with the client file and the colon evaluation form, which is used to monitor the session.

4. A new speculum is unwrapped and removed from sterilized packaging, petroleum jelly is placed on the end of speculum prior to insertion into the anal area, and the tube is then gently guided to the outer edge of anal sphincter opening. The anal sphincter is a muscle that can gently and easily accept the speculum when the speculum is not forced. Once the tube is at the rectal opening the patient takes a deep breath then while exhaling the tube will gently be sucked through the rectum. This procedure prevents any discomfort for the client. Only a few inches of the tube enter the colon.

We use a triple purification machine, The Angel of Water, so the water is the purest. The temperature ranges between 100-103 degrees, a comfortable and safe heat.

5. After the tube has been inserted, the therapist checks the ileal cecal valve to be certain it feels closed. The ileal cecal valve is a flap that separates the small Intestine {SI} from the Large Intestine {LI}. The entrance from the SI to the LI is designed to prevent any backwash of toxic waste from returning into the SI.

The water is turned on and allowed to gently and slowly flow into the colon. The client is advised to inform the therapist if they experience any discomfort or ill feelings such as nausea, vomiting, cold chills, shaking or any other symptom.

The therapist must carefully watch the client's facial expressions and body movements. The attentive therapist MUST be alerted to each of the conditions the patient experiences and, if necessary, the water turned off and on numerous times.

The therapist's primary concern is ALWAYS the patient/client's comfort and safety level. Our clients are instructed that they also are in control and may press the flow valve button off, which is located next to them. We adhere to consistent and constant attention to the client's condition throughout the colon irrigation session. This same approach is observed and practiced for every patient's visit for colon irrigation.

6. During the session, the therapist applies gentle abdominal massage towards the descending colon and or foot reflexology on the large intestinal reflex point. There are numerous other techniques and special approaches that Dr. Suzanne Joy has created for her patients / clients.

The use of a stethoscope gently on the client's abdominal area, the therapist listens to the internal audible water flow location and responses in the LI.

Various additional therapy techniques are suggested and instructed to client for during sessions or at home usage In additional client may use the chi gong to enhance break-up of blockages from within the large intestine and aid in more comfort during the session.

* Time to disconnect:

Determining how long a session is depends upon these variables :

1. Length of time client has been connected to system.
2. Amount of water administered during session.
3. How the client feels during the session

4. Client is in control to cease the session any time for any reason.
Each client is uniquely different and must be treated as such and each session client's session can vary from the previous session.

End the session :

1. Client gently slides back off the speculum until they are free from the tube.

2. Client sits straight up in a 90-degree angle for about ten seconds then reclines back for ten seconds repeating this rocking procedure until they feel that the excess water and fecal matter has been released.

3. Client then uses the water sprayer and can cleanses their self free from any fecal matter.

4. Client uses cleansing paper (soft paper towel) to wipe self-clean.

5. Client is instructed to visit the wash closet to eliminate additional fecal matter; a small stool is provided for the patient so they may elevate their legs; this relaxes pressure to the LI and assists in additional elimination.

* Session Completion

After the client has used the washroom, they return to visit with the therapist. Therapist thoroughly reviews the session and inquires how the client is feeling. Some clients may feel tired or slightly weak. This is generally because of the toxins, fecal matter and gas that have been eliminated, more than the client has experienced in years. For some people, the session can be exhausting while for others it can be exhilarating and energizing. Each client experiences different results. A compassionate therapist knows how to best work with each patient.

Closing :

Client is offered a healthy potassium electrolyte beverage and a  probiotic.

Client is given an instruction page that includes:
1. Healthy dietary suggestions for the next seventy-two hours, which may assist with a healthier colon.

2. Suggestion and usage of appropriate probiotics and or digestive enzymes suitable for their specific need...

3. An explanation of the six worst food/beverage choices that aggravate and cause harm to LI.

4. Following each session additional new material is offered to the client so they may continue to improve their health.

* Confirmation

Therapist phones the client that evening or the next day to inquire how client is feeling, what they have experienced and if they have any questions or comments that needs to be addressed.

We provide many more extra services and techniques and nutritional education specific to each client's body type and health concerns. Our goal is your goal and to assist you towards self-empowerment towards Optimum Wellness for today and your tomorrows.

The above information is designed to guide you in your search for the highest quality colon hydrotherapist in your region. We can assist you should you have any additional inquires.
TEXAS STATE Rulings / laws for Colon Hydro-Therapists - Be SURE you locate a therapist that IS practicing legally in the state of Texas.
1.Colon Therapist must be approved and signed on as a colon therapist legally with a Medical Director / Physician (this means they are probably paying that doctor a monthly fee for prescriptions.
2. A medical Rx prescription is mandatory for you, the patient, to receive a colonic with the therapist you select for your colon hydrotherapy session.
3. Colon Therapist must remain in the therapy room with you, the patient / client, during the entire session.  The colon hydrotherapy machine is considered a medical system with medical grade tubing and speculum.  The procedure is invasive; therefore, a fully trained therapist must be present to monitor your entire session.
 4. Colon Hydrotherapist must be trained, tested and certified with International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) on at least one of these levels: beginner, intermediate, advance, instructor.


Angel of Water - 45 sec. animation of a Colon Hydrotherapy Session


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