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Aids in eliminating...
* constipation, * gas, * bloating, * yeast infection,
* tiredness, * skin problems, * parasites, * bad breathing,
* abdominal pain, * depression, * allergies,
* sinus problems

A healthy colon is evenly situated in your abdominal cavity free from pushing against other organs; it is firmly formed, somewhat triangular shape with no bends, twists, balloon or blocked shapes.

An Unhealthy Colon is poorly formed with probable twists, bends, serious lockages and even knots plus balloon like swelling all of which that push against other organs. The more impacted the large intestine the more serious the colon problems can be. A distended abdominal region is caused from excessive waste matter consisting of fecal, gas, parasites and even accumulated cortisol, a hormone produced in the adrenal glands, which occurs from unmaintained stress build-up. We will share with you numerous guidelines and approaches towards improving your health while eliminating abdominal swelling / bloat.

Essential Awareness...
If you are NOT experiencing consistent bowel elimination following each meal you ARE constipated. Your bowels must regularly empty as they did when you were an infant.
Food in Fecal out.
Fecal waste matter and gas build-up can and will cause an array of numerous health maladies, discomfort and unsightly appearance, not limited to abdominal bloat but also halitosis (bad breath,)skin erruptions on various body regions (i.e. face,back, etc.) even chest pains, knees pains and other symptoms.

An inflamed colon is more commonly known as colitis. It usually begins between age 15 and 40,and less frequently in older people between 50 and 70.

There are many different types of colitis and they are caused by different reasons.

*Ulcerative colitis occurs most between the ages of 15 and 40
*Men and women are affected equally
*It appears to run in some families
*25-40 percent of sufferers must eventually have their colons removed
*Around 5 percent develop colon cancer

Colitis symptoms can come and go. Sometimes they are worse and sometimes they are barely noticeable.

Anemia * Bleeding * Cramps * Diarrhea Excessive amount of bowel movements
Fatigue * Fever * Joint pain * Loss of appetite Pain * Weight Loss

Colonics and Nutritional dietary changes for your specific body type (768 different types) will provide tremendous relief and improvement.

***** HEAL YOUR BODY *****

Advantages of Having Your Colon Cleansing at Natural Optimum Wellness

* During the procedure, you may choose to use the Fomentek Special Tempered Water Bag which will warm up the abdominal area to help soothe and soften the cleansing process while relaxing stress tension.

* You will learn special dietary healthy habits to improve digestion and elimination process.

* You will learn the 6 Primary No No Avoidance Foods that cause additional Colon problems.

* You will learn at home exercises and techniques to generate improved bowel elimination.

* You will learn how to pinpoint your digestive organs (stomach, small intestine, pancreas, liver, colon) to perform a self Internal Organ Massage that can break up blockages and make your organs more efficient.

* You will learn procedures to cleanse all other digestive organs with flushes, fasts and dietary assistance thus dramatically improving your overall health.

* You will discover one of the highest quality Negative Ion charged all natural source that is designed to extract Heavy Metals and other Toxins from the body's Lymphatic system, strengthens the Immune System and helps to purify the blood. FP

* You can discover the level of Heavy Metal Toxins and Unhealthy Mineral Imbalances which causes additional Bowel ailments, other sickness and or discomfort. Healthy changes are guaranteed to generate removal of Toxins and Heavy Metals, activate your liver, improve digestion, and much more.


Angel of Water - 45 sec. animation of a Colon Hydrotherapy Session


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