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PREVENTING a COLD or FLU is much simpler than you know.

You cannot catch a Cold or Flu unless you already have a weakened immune system. A weak immune system is self-induced. Unhealthy dietary habits lacking in balanced nutrition and supplements or insufficient healthy fluids are one contributing cause for immune deficiency. A second cause is improper cleansing of produce or washing of hands. Third cause for "catching" a cold or flu is the flu vaccine. The proponents in the Flu vaccines will further weaken an already stressed immune system.


1.) Consume healthy food choices -

Vegetables are the healthiest food for you. Not only in strengthening your immune system, it assists with improving bowel elimination, especially the dark green leafy vegetables: spinach, beet leaves, parsley, cilantro, kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, arugula, carrot leaves, celery leaves, field greens, red or green leaf lettuce, Boston, Bibb, or butter leaf lettuce. Eating a healthy variety of fresh vegetables a minimum of two times per day that are prepared raw, steamed or lightly sautéed is a primary defense in preventing immune deficiency. Note, corn and potatoes are not vegetables they grains.

Consider consuming greater amounts of fresh fruits rather sugary foods including honey and molasses. Dried fruits, which are very high in sugar concentration, are highly dehydrating thus leading to constipation. If you choose to consume dried fruits, be sure to reconstitute them by soaking in water overnight.

Healthy beverages, primarily fresh pressed vegetable juice or water are essential for cleansing your system. Thus, sipping and nixing the water with your saliva, rather than gulping water, allows for improved digestion and absorption of water for healthier organs and immune boost. Toxins are more easily eliminated through the drinking of healthy beverage choices. If you are not experiencing healthy bowel eliminations following each meal than you are constipated. Constipation is impaction of food waste matter that becomes hard, dark in color, old, odorous and broken into varied size pieces.

2.) Healthy Habit - Best supplements to improve your immune system -

Vitamin B complex: This is variety of blended B vitamins in one capsule. Ideally, consume a minimum of 100 mg. two times per day are most effective. The B vitamins reduce stress physically, mentally and emotional. Recommended sources are Twin Lab, Blue Bonnet, Solaray.

Vitamin C: There is a variety of sources of vitamin C. Two popular sources are ascorbic acid or a blend with citrus bioflavonoid. Locate one that is suitable for you. Avoid a Vitamin C that contains corn as its source. Corn is an inflammatory agent, thus not as effective for some people, which can prove ineffective or debilitating. Vitamin C rejuvenates healthier cell reproduction. As your cells split and divide, you want them to become stronger and healthier which further enhances and improves your immune system.

Probiotics also know as Acidophilus: Potency, dosage and frequency depends upon your health or poor health condition. Best to concur with knowledgeable health care provider. Consider a minimum of one capsule containing ten billion Lactobacillus, bifidus etc. three times per day. If you happen to be taking antibiotics then doubling or tripling the potency would help maintain healthy "Flora" bacteria in your system. Antibiotics destroy both the harmful and healthy "flora" bacteria.

3.) Cleansing is Essential -

Cleaning your produce is important in reducing and or eliminating germs, bacteria and parasites. All Produce must be thoroughly cleaned; this includes melons, citrus, bananas, potatoes, squash etc.

Obtain vegetable wash at your local health food store or you can search online for a homemade remedy, Berries, grapes, green beans, leafy vegetables, etc. should soak in water with vegetable wash then thoroughly rinsed. Hand sized (i.e. apples, oranges) or harder fruits and vegetables can be washed with a non-toxic hand soap, then set aside for about one minute or scrub with a veggie brush, whichever is suitable for that food source, then rinse.

Consistently wash your hands before preparing and eating foods, especially finger foods. Every day, you touch countless items that are packed with germs. Hygiene is important for a healthier you.

Live a Rich healthy life.
NO one shall take better care of you then you.

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