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CHIA SEEDS Consumption Causes Negative Side Effects

Chia seeds eaten or drank have positive benefits BUT be aware of the negative effects.

Beverage recipe at end.

* Increased gas /flatulence that usually occurs when you consume chia seeds in large quantities, i.e. drinking in beverages.

* Allergy to mustard seeds? Think twice before you consume chia seeds, you will also experience unfavorable responses to these chia seeds.

* Taking certain medications: blood thinners and aspirin? You might have an adverse reaction due to the relatively high content of Omega 3 in chia seeds.

* Avoid chia seeds if you are a hemophiliac or you are scheduled to go in for any type of surgical procedure.

* Pregnant woman experience a greater increase of negative side effects that can affect the woman and the child when it is born. Suggestion - pregnant women should avoid chia seeds for self and the unborn child.

* Larger quantities of chia seeds tend to produce an increase in negative side effects.

* Larger quantities of chia seeds could potentially produce an addiction in the individual.

- Place into glass bottle- either fresh alkaline water or cold herbal tea, chia seeds, lemon or lime juice, and a tiny amount of one of nature's two healthiest sweeteners: organic green powder Stevia or Navitas Naturals Yacon syrup (avoid yacon syrup from China.)

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