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In the balmy spring 1989 I met my first male patient who had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Only a few weeks following that meeting another patient arrived in my office who stated that six months ago he had a mastectomy and that his physician informed him that the statistics were rising for male breast cancer. He was amazed when his doctor stated that the percentages were higher than ever and that this information was well-guarded.

Yes friends, male breast cancer and mastectomies are well known in the medical field yet remain hush hushed not to generate fear for the gentlemen who believe and know that they are all man. Of course they are, however, cancer is cancer and when hormone go array there is no telling who might be struck.

What do we know about male breast cancer? One absolute factor is that hormone imbalances could be an active participant in the play. The body has numerous hormones all of which must be remain in balance so not to generate or stir up malicious health ailments. Estrogen, estridiol, testosterone, progesterone are only a few that must remain in balance with one another. And, when these few hormones are set apart and are out of balance due to health ailments, diet and various other conditions - suddenly health maladies rise.

What is causing this huge increase in male breast cancer and hormones? What we have been exposed to both in the news and expressed in research is that hormonal imbalances will lower other hormones by causing them to raise or lower thus contributing or causing more serious health issues. This makes sense.

What about potential outside contributing factors? What about the synthetic estrogens. You might ask... where does one absorb synthetic estrogens?

Plastics. Yes, plastics are a well-known cause of raising estrogen levels, perhaps even worse in men, since they must have higher testosterone and progesterone than estrogen levels.

Plastics leach synthetic estrogens. Do you...

Consume an abundance of beverages from plastic bottles?

Are you reusing plastic water or soda bottles to refill your favorite beverages to drink on the go?

Do you reheat food, in a microwave in reusable plastic to-go containers?

Do you leave your water bottle in the heat the refrigerator the bottle and continue drinking from it?

How often do you rewash your plastic bottles for reuse?

Do you consume cooked foods that have been placed in plastic containers to take-home and then eat?

This small list is only a few ways synthetic estrogen is leaching into your body.

If you must drink your water from plastic then use that one bottle only one time then place into your recycle bin.

If you choose to utilize a reusable drinking vessel use only glass, polycarbonate or stainless steel. All these drinking vessels can be purchased at a health food store or even perhaps a kitchen or outdoor /store.

Male breasts that are the size of an A to B cup size or even a small C cup size; this is quite common in men of all shapes and sizes.

Why and what are some causes?

What I have discovered in the decades of consulting and assisting in the healing process my clients and patients IS that the primary similarity of ALL men with Male Breasts is their diet.

Consumption of an abundance of flour grains, especially white flour products and could include wheat flour as well.

FLOUR GRAIN PRODUCTS: cereals, breads, pasta, cookies, cakes, crackers, doughnuts and chips.

These flour based grains or highly processed grains of potatoes and corn products and their by-products tend to generate the formation of larger breast-like tissue in appearance on men.

Perhaps because these "white" foods are more estrogen forming foods. I have witnessed this on obese men and active slender men whose diets are rich in breads and cheeses as well.

Sorry ladies, these foods will probably not enlarge your breasts; however an abundance of flour grain foods may contribute to higher estrogen levels in the body.

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