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Enjoy A Daily Consumption of
50% to 90% Fruits and Vegetables EVERYDAY.

When blending whole or pieces of Vegetables and or Fruits in a blender or Vitamix, REMEMBER to ALWAYS CHEW each sip of the blended produce 12 to 20 times before swallowing.

Chewing the blended "liquid" mix is Absolutely Essential for digestion, elimination and assimilation of nutrients.

The fruits and vegetables, which were previously solid, must sufficiently mix with your saliva for healthy absorption and utilization of vitamins, minerals, live enzymes and amino acids.

Blended drinks that are gulped, rather than churned with your saliva, will cause stomach discomfort, flatulence, belly bloat, bowel problems and other digestive or elimination discomforts.

A meal or snack must be chewed a minimum of thirty-two times per bite for the same reasons listed above.


Dr Suzanne Joy Stuart, Ph.D. ND

Age Reversal and Youthfulness is best achieved primarily through a healthy alkaline rich diet.
Foods are divided into four groups: alkaline or acid foods and alkaline forming or acid forming foods.

An Acid food or alkaline food is the level of pH balance in a food prior to ingestion and mixing with your saliva.

Acid forming food or an alkaline forming food is the transformation that occurs when you chew your food and your saliva mixes with the food.
Every meal, snack or beverage that you consume must consist of a higher percentage of alkaline forming foods rather than acid forming foods.
Over indulgence of Acid forming foods weakens and ages the body while aiding in enhancing unhealthy imbalances that leads to health ailments and dis-ease.

The average American consumes a daily diet of higher quantities of acid forming substances, thus contributing to or causing health maladies, weight gain and more rapid aging process.

Would you like to Be Healthier? Would you Desire to Look Younger with Less Wrinkles?

Then, you must eat and drink more alkaline rich nutritional foods and beverages. No, you need not completely avoid the acid forming foods; you simply must reduce the percentage in every meal and avoid consuming beverages while you eat.

The primary ALKALINE FORMING FOODS are Vegetables and Fruits. The healthiest alkaline forming beverages include fresh pressed vegetable juices and Ionized Water - alkaline rich water that also enhances healing. Many waters are actually more acid forming than alkaline forming.

The worst ACID FORMING FOODS are all sugars, salts, some spices, animal proteins; processed grains especially white flour products and corn, which happens to be an inflammatory agent. The worst beverages that are also dehydrating to your body include all sodas, alcohol and caffeine.

If you are not ready to purchase a quality water ionizer, we suggest obtaining a high quality bottle of alkaline drops i.e. AlkaLife brand alkaline drops. Alkaline drops can be added to all beverages.

pH - measurement of water acidity level. Perfect neutral water measures pH 7.0. The more acidic water is lower than pH 7.0. Higher alkaline water is greater than pH 7.0

TAP WATER is suppose to be between 6.5 - 8.5. We suggest you to test your pH water level.
DISTILLED WATER is generally slightly acidic with a pH level of between 5.6 and 7.0

SPRING WATER -(These are older test findings 1998 - most companies today, range between 5.5 to 6.5pH)) Arrowhead pH 7.93, Crystal Geyser pH 6.5, Crystal Springs pH 5.9, Deer Park, pH 8.05, Evian pH 7.2, Ozarka pH level is 5.07-6.06, Sparklett pH 6.9, Zephyrhills pH 7.7

TEST YOUR WATER: Use either a test tube or wash glass (not plastic) with soap and water, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Run tap water about one minute then fill glass with about one half cup of water, allow water to settle until all bubbles are gone. Dip the end of the litmus paper strip quickly into the freshwater, then immediately take it out. Observe the change of color on the pH paper strip. Compare to color code on litmus packaging.
Litmus paper can be obtained at drug store, online and some pet stores.
Become Youthful

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