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What's Causing ADD / ADHD in You or Your Child

Currently there is an estimate of approximately 20 million children on active modifying drugs such as Ritalin. Unfortunately, many parents, educators and physicians believe there are no other choices other than the pharmaceutical drugs, How terribly sad and frightening that children must undergo the additional harmful side effects from these drug interactions when in fact, there are healthy alternatives. Drugs should be the very last choice, especially before selecting these drugs some of which are similar to cocaine.


As a concerned intelligent parent, you can seriously determine your child's ultimate cause of the ADD / ADHD and learn how to eliminate the problem.

The lab testing that Dr. Stuart provides is proven to show that ADD/ADHD patients/clients have excessive heavy metals and or mineral imbalances. Long distance testing is available; we can arrange for your testing where ever you reside. Contact us: 817-642-3014


Heavy Metals accumulation.
Mineral Imbalances.
Excessive indulgence of ALL sugars.
Processed carbohydrates they convert to sugars
Junk foods.
Highly processed foods and their manufactured sources.
Allergens: mold, dust, pollen and chemicals especially in the home.
Cellular toxicity which a predisposing and/or contributing factor.

AVOID FOODS & Food Substances:

Favorite foods that children are consuming can be the primary cause. As a parent, you can involve your child in setting goals that are workable for both you and your child. The necessary healthy dietary adjustment includes consuming nutritionally rich foods and reducing the harmful food sources that include sugar, cane juice, carbonated beverages, caffeine, white flour and junk foods.

CHEMICAL TOXICITY: You must target and eliminate the toxic artificially manufactured substances which include BHT/BHA, artificial chemicals, preservatives, additives and artificial flavoring, EDTA, MSG, Nutrasweet (and other artificial sweeteners), propylene glycol, sodium nitrite, ethoxyqine, polyvinyl chloride. These additives will cause the child's immune system to breakdown plus trigger behavioral problems.

Insufficient amount of healthy food nutrients or over-indulgence of unhealthy foods will continue to impair an ADD/ADHD's health both in which may lead to additional health maladies. This process depletes your child's immune system and generates an addictive unhealthy mind / body response. The consumption of healthy nutritional foods, such as an abundance of vegetables, especially greens, can and does provide a healthier physiological response enabling the body to withstand and prevent the problematic foods and adverse environmental exposures. The increased consumption of proper nutrients can potentially eliminate or drastically reduce ADD or ADHD within a week.


Harmful chemicals leach from all household-cleaning products that aren't organic and or safe. Their toxic smell is your first clue; even while concealed in the cupboard, their vapors will penetrate the air you breathe. These chemicals will emit their poisonous odors up to fourteen days after usage. The toxic ingredients settle into fabrics on curtains, furniture, and carpets and mingle within your home's air. These toxins are then absorbed both through your breathing and the pores of your skin - your largest organ. As an educated consumer consider purchasing non-toxic or hypoallergenic cleaning products for you and your child's health. These products may be purchased from A health food store or the Melaleuca company. Contact your Nutritionist or Naturopath for more details.

Sensitivity of normal existence of mold, dust and pollen can be curtailed by improving the immune system. Over abundance of these sources existing within your home must be properly treated and eliminated before further damage to the body and/or mind.

CELLULAR TOXICITY - Mineral Imbalances / Metal Toxins:

Some ADD/ ADHD children could potentially be experiencing serious imbalances of their minerals or even high levels of metal toxins. Minerals tend to compete with one another and when an overabundance or low percentiles exist health problems become more prevalent thus causing additional health maladies that affect behavior, attitude, productivity and numerous health ailments.

These predisposing and or contributing factors can be determined through mineral/metal laboratory hair analysis.


Asthma, bed wetting, behavioral problems, breathing problems, consistent colds, flues and infections, fatigue, hay-fever, headaches, hives, learning disabilities and problems, mood swings, muscle aches and unhealthy / irregular bowel elimination.



Consider improving the diet by increasing the amount of alkaline forming - healing and youth enhancing - foods over that of acid forming foods. Seventy-five percent of your dietary intake must be alkaline forming foods. A complete list and details are complied in the "Nutrition For Your Body Mind & Spirit" and located in the chapter on Alkaline and Acid Foods. Book may be obtained on Amazon, UTA bookstore or purchased on this site: www.naturallybalancedhealth.com/solar.ivnu.

PERSONAL CONSULTATION - program specific for your health concern addressing YOUR body's blood, gland, dosha, Rh factor, geno, TOB, etc.

Specifics as to whether a food is to be consumed more or less:

Food source ADD / ADHD
Protein -- consume more of
Starch -- moderate consumption, consume less of
Vegetables -- consume more of
Fresh Fruits -- few in moderation, avoid starchy i.e. banana.
Dried Fruits -- avoid
Fats -- (healthy sources) consume more of
Oils -- some in moderation
Sugars -- limit or best to avoid
Stevia -- Green Organic powder
Water -- consume abundance

* Drinking an abundance of a healthy water source (not tap water) are musts towards ADD/ADHD elimination/reduction.

* Administration of correct vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids can be determined for each child.

* "Live Autopsy" lab test mineral-metal, glands-hormones.

Additional remedy procedures include: homeopathic remedies, herbs, aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, cranial sacral therapy, and for some even acupuncture or proper chiropractic realignment of a structural body misalignment through Rolfing.

To determine which remedies are most suitable for your child can be determined by their age, attitude and specific ADD / ADHD problems. Your primary choice is to commence with dietary alterations and household cleaning products. For more details regarding specialized remedies and assistance towards improving your child's healthy elimination/reduction of ADD / ADHD please speak with your Naturopath of Holistic Care Provider.

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