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Dolphin Angel Wings
S.Susanna Joy, PhD ND
12 January 2020
12:00 - 6:00 PM
sessions 20-60 minutes

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PRIVATE READINGS 30 to 90 min.
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Price is $125.00/hr. $60.00/30 min.

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Dolphin Angel Wings - Whispering Voices
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DOLPHIN ANGEL WINGS - Whispering Voices
Susanna Joy, PhD D.Min


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SOUL-2-SOUL Seer (Psychic) * Intuitive Spirit Medium * Past Lives * Wellness Health Intuitive * Astrology * Numerology  *  Psychometry  * Dreams

“She is absolutely wonderful and spot on!” – Charles C. (Facebook – Dolphin Angel Wings)

"Susanna Joy is amazing! My mom and I both did the Soul-to-Soul seer reading at the Holistic Fair and everything she said was spot on – not only was it all accurate but it provided much-needed guidance and clarification. I highly recommend Susanna – she connects directly to your Soul and provides insight on any topic. What a blessing to meet her, thank you, Susanna, for sharing your gifts with us!"  -- Farnoosh  (Google and on Yelp  - Dolphin Angel Wings)

“She truly a gifted person. My Grandmother came through and there were specific things said that no one other than close family could have known. It’s been almost a year since I went and I am definitely going to make another appointment!” -- J’lea A.  (Facebook – Dolphin Angel Wings)

“Yes I would definitely recommend Susanna to anyone! She definitely has a true gift!  Peace and Blessings.” – - Cherie S.  (Facebook – Dolphin Angel Wings)

"I recently lost a very special person in my life as well as past loved ones of course. I went in not expecting results so as not to be disappointed. I was a bit skeptical at first. That special person came through and she told me things that were not public knowledge and there was no way she could have known. She is truly amazing. She gave me the closure I needed and more. Plus she has other services that are wonderful as well. You won't be disappointed if you go see her." -- Cindy K (Google - Dolphin Angel Wings)

" Spirit Medium
I went in not really expecting results. I was very skeptical about medium abilities. However she told me about someone that I recently lost that there was no way she could have researched and found. She is truly amazing and very comfortable to be around. You won't be disappointed if you go in for a reading." -- Cindy K.  (Thumbtack.com)

" I've lost a few close loved ones and wanted to try out Suzanne's services not really expecting results. However she came through with things that no one could have known but the loved ones who have passed. I would recommend her services to anyone needing closure with a loved one or even needing peace in their heart." Cindy K.  (FB Dolphin Angel Wings)

"A Natural Seer and Medium
Susana seems to just use her sensing ability to tap into what is going on around my life, by holding my hand as opposed to tarot cards and what not. At times, it seems she doesn't even need to do that. She sensed that I would be moving, before I had even planned to, although the timing was a little off. We do determine our future, well, our soul does more so than our mind. It was mostly positive and encouraging, but I didn't have a lot of questions to ask. I didn't feel a need for a reading, but just for fun to tap into the spirit, soul, and gain some insight into current events and relationships!" - Niky H.  (Thumbtack.com)

" Fantastic Beautiful, graceful, insightful, connected, Susana Joy Stuart is a wonderful! An excellent experience to meet her and have a reading with her. Glad I had a chance to connect while in the Dallas/ Arlington area" - Cynthia G. (Thumbtack.com)

"Thank you! 5 Star!" - Diana D. (Thumbtack.com)

"I had a wonderful experience and can't wait to go back again!! She made me more enlightened with my higher self!" - Courtney W. (Thumbtack.com)

" Susan is very welcoming and warming! She truly has a healing heart and beautifully intuitive mind. The experience with her is definetley worth more than other businesses I've been to/tried to go to in the Arlington area. Very reassuring." - Ashley S. (Thumbtack.com)

"Susana is one of the most gifted Psychics in the Dallas area. Her interactive readings respond directly to your immediate desires, goals and concerns by psychically attuning with your inner soul self on all levels. I highly recommend Susanna to anyone looking for an energetically accurate reading about your personal or professional life." - Joshua K. (Thumbtack.com)

"I was really nervous for my first time but I was also excited to see about getting some good insight into my life. Suzanna was very helpful explaining how everything works prior to arrival. Throughout the reading there were things she confirmed for me that brought a lot of relief and one or two things I wasn't entirely sure about at the moment but later had a complete realization and it all made sense! I'll surely be going back and definitely recommend her as someone who will make you feel welcomed and comforted for during your reading." -- Donna P. (Thumbtack and Yelp)

"Susanna is awesome! She looks at your core and tells you who you are inside. She is an amazing medium! I recommend her to anyone" -- Alethia K.  (Thumbtack)

"She was very nice and explained the process to me and at the end when I had other questions she took the time to answer them all. Asked her to see what spirits were attached to me and I had two that were there since birth one was doing things to keep me safe but what he had done I remember. The other offered love both were good angels. She spoke to both my grandmothers and a cousin... I didn't believe it at first until they told her how they passed and I couldn't do anything but cry. I went to contact one person that didn't come through but I will be there again with her, if she allows. I wish she did one on one training but what I see are group trainings, so that I can understand my gifts. I will contact her to find out but an amazing lady all around." -- Na'Lyric D. (Thumbtack)

"It definitely was a wonderful experience. There is so much to learn from her, I am definitely going back to her again." -- Rahul K. (Thumbtack)

"Susana was wonderful!!! She made this first time experience one to remember. I will definitely be returning to her in the future!" -- Josie M. (Thumbtack)

"Susana was very intuitive and had a calming presence. She made me feel at ease and gave good instructions. She was honest, if she didn't pick up something specific she told me that, which means did not lie or make up anything. I will definitely keep seeking her counseling." - Felicia C. (Thumbtack)

"The reading was very accurate and very helpful!!!" -- Gabrielle M. (Thumbtack)

"She gives the best readings. I always enjoying going to Ms.S, everything she says in on point. No gimmicks and crap. Nothing but positive vibes from her always. You WILL NOT regret your reading!" - Tx S (Yelp)

"First time I went to psychic or a spirit medium, my friend talked me into going cause I was sad about past brother and my dog that died. Susanna said stuff about my brother not many knew and she saw my dog pixy and described her looks and personality habits. Susanna told me messages from both, Pixy and my brother ---- AMAZING! She also gave me a psychic reading and said it is from my soul...that sounded weird but I did it and WOW how she knew all about me and what I am doing she told me about future stuff. I can't wait for another reading with her." Billie S. (YP.com)

"I have never really believe that there could exist some one that can see your life with holding your hands. My first experience was horrible I had said to my self that's it I'm never talking or believing anyone again but out of no were came Susanna. She was my second experience and my good it was worth super worth it. Now I totally believe in physics. She was able to described the color of hair his face I mean top detail of person I never mentioned, and I totally recommend her if you need details of your life. She's one to tell you and help u. Now I feel more confident of my self thanks to her. God Bless you always Susanna." -- Alma A. (Thumbtack)

"Wonderful experience! She was straight to the point and very warm in nature. I loved every moment and can't wait to see her again. This was my first session, she didn't need any cards or anything distracting to the eye, and it wasn't anything negative or creepy. Loved it." -- Shar M.  (Thumbtack)

"Wonderful experience! She was straight to the point and very warm in nature. I loved every moment and can't wait to see her again. This was my first session, she didn't need any cards or anything distracting to the eye, and it wasn't anything negative or creepy. Loved it" - Shar M. (Thumbtack)

"Very good experience. Totally recommend Ms. Susanna. Try her you won't regret it!!" -- Maya J.  (Thumbtack)

"How'd you do it? How'd you know all that stuff about my mother? She even saw my little dog and told me everything about him. Weird and wonderful to connect and receive message from them. Thanx Susanna UR great." - Barbara T. (sent note thru web site)

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