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CHROMIUM GTF - Diabetes and Hyperglycemia


* Do you know which mineral is essential for healthier blood sugar regulation?

* Do you know how much is beneficial for you?

* Do you know that there is a food source highly recommended for blood sugar regulation?

* Do you know the grains that convert to sugars?

* Do you know there are a few sweeteners safe and or beneficial for blood sugar regulation?


* GTF Chromium is the best / ideal chromium for blood sugar regulation. Avoid all Chromium that contains: Magnesium Stearate, Steric Acid Vegetarian Stearate (Derived from Corn or Rice starch) in or any fillers, additives.chromium

Brewers Yeast or Nutritional yeast - there is a difference.

BREWERS YEAST is high in the trace mineral chromium which must be present in order for insulin to do its work of removing glucose from the blood into the cell. GTF chromium found in Brewer's Yeast is more effective than simply supplementing with a isolated chromium supplement. The much needed B-vitamins are produced as the yeast grows.

Additionally, brewer's yeast seems to stimulate chemicals (intestinal enzymes) that could help relieve diarrhea.

Brewers yeast also might help fight bacteria that cause infections in the intestine, as well as improve the body's defenses against viral lung infections such as flu and the common cold.

NUTRITIONAL YEAST is made from the same Saccharomyces Cerevisiae fungus/yeast as used in the brewing industry. The difference is that with nutritional yeast, the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae is not obtained from the brewing industry but is grown on molasses or some other medium. Makers of nutritional yeast often add additional B-vitamins to boast B-vitamin level that are naturally occurring in Brewers Yeast.


Brewers Yeast is a good natural source of the minerals chromium and selenium; however, Nutritional Yeast is not unless it is fortified with these minerals. Both Brewer's and Nutritional Yeast are a good source of the mineral magnesium. Brewers Yeast has a decent amount of potassium whereas Nutritional Yeast has less of this mineral.

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