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There are 46,358,968,720 different body types? We can work together and help you improve your health plus feel great.



Specific Blood Type Food Guidance: (courses listed below.)

Blood Type Kit or schedule appointment for lab test and detailed foods consultation.

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Specific blood type foods will enhance weight loss or maintenance and benefit overall health.
Your Blood Type Foods contain a complete list of the beneficial and avoidance foods. When health or weight problems persist we suggest reducing the consumption amount of avoidance foods. Ideally, you can enhance your health or reduce weight by completely eliminating the avoidance foods for three to five months. When satisfied with weight and health you may resume consuming some of the avoidance foods in small moderation, perhaps only a few times per month.

For a personal nutrition regime based on your blood type, gland type, acid and alkaline forming foods, Solar Nutrition and the Yin and Yang foods -please contact us to schedule your phone consultation.

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Natural Optimum Wellness Courses: - Visit Lectures and Courses

Nutrition I- The foods we consume have a definite purpose and benefit for you. Learn about appropriate food combining, Solar Nutrition/Energy absorption, Blood Type food regime, and natural supplementation for healthy weight loss or maintenance. In this course you shall obtain personal awareness towards reducing susceptibility to illness and allergies, enhance personal good health, reduce stress, conserve and gain energy, maintain desired body weight and increase metabolism. This is an informative, fun and educational class designed with a personal approach towards positive health enrichment. Finally we will put it all together to work for your optimum weight and healthy lifestyle.

See our Lecture and Course page for scheduled dates and times.

Nutrition II - Internal body contouring will teach you to apply transformational knowledge to help your body decrease or eliminate health and weight problems. The course will acquaint you with your personal Gland Type and metabolic factor to improve your health and weight, guide you in altering your Acid and Alkaline forming foods from sickness to youthfulness. In addition you will gain knowledge about the Yin and Yang foods, Anti-fat food program, the Big 13 No-No foods, Cellulite and toxic waste foods that destroy your good health. We will also concentrate on healthy weight-control supplementation. This course will excite your mind and trigger positive health awareness.

Phone or e-mail Holistically Natural Health & Weight to enroll in a class. For enrollment in a TCU or UTA class please contact the extended education dept.

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